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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MollieSwift21, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. I’m shocked she did but delighted! Hopefully more country artists do the same but I doubt it unfortunately.
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  2. Shania posted too, albeit shorter.
  3. Reba's post is just lyrics to 'What If', but given that she is staunchly apolitical I thought she'd be just ignoring the whole thing. Certainly didn't expect her to hashtag #BlackLivesMatter when I'd imagine it's pretty toxic among a large section of her fanbase.
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  4. The last couple of months I have become absolutely and utterly obsessed with Emmylou Harris's album The Ballad of Sally Rose... anyone else a fan? It's catchy throughout, fun in places, covers the sweetness of falling in love wonderfully and is also emotional and ultimately devastating. Has there ever been a catchier song about grief than the final track, Sweet Chariot?! What an album.
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  5. Amazing album, amazing artist! She has so many great albums I sometimes forget about 'Sally Rose'. But if I ever were to curate a best of Emmylou list 'White Line', 'Bad News' and 'Rhythm Guitar' would definitely be on it.
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  6. I love Iris DeMent so much...


  7. Lady Antebellum is removing the ‘Antebellum’ from their name due to the racial connotations and are going forward as ‘Lady A’

  8. Excited the album is out!

    Also a very nice 80’s inspired mix for Maddie & Take
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  10. Gorgeous album, especially Gimme The Beat Back:
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  11. Trisha Yearwood remix of Lauren Alaina’s Getting Good:

  12. Reason 1,324,580 to love Faith Hill.

  13. I've been on such a Lucinda Williams-kick ever since she released 'Good Souls Better Angels' a month or so ago. The self titled album from 1988 and up until 2001's 'Essence' is "all killer, no filler". The subsequent albums take a dip in quality, though there are career highlihts to be found in this period too, but ever since 2014's 'Down Where The Spirit Meets The Bone' she's back in full force!

    Me tonight?

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