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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MollieSwift21, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Some of the up and coming girls I’ve started to take notice of! A little country but pop enough to cater to both.

    Madison Kozak, Mackenzie Porter, Emily Hackett & Alana Springsteen are all pretty great too, just no room to post songs.
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  2. upload_2020-7-18_22-29-29.jpeg

    Album cover for Cam’s album, The Otherside! Thankfully Diane included!
    Cassadee Pope has a new album coming soon too, dunno if anyone’s a fan?
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  3. The new Cam song absolutely rules. My favorite single since Mayday (and I love Diane). I was gagged to learn Jack Antonoff produced it but should have known...I think I enjoy "Classic" more than some of "Gaslighter."
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  4. Kerri Watt just realised Jessie. It sounds marvelous. The intro reminds me a lot of Stephenville, TX by Jewel, but the rest of thr song is like a Cam upbeat fun bop.

    She has a few more songs leaning towards a more bluesy sound or singer-songwriter but I a loving the direction she is going now.
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  5. New Lauren Alaina!

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  6. Their album is pretty strong overall. Glad they're getting some success.
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  7. Colbie is....a mess. I feel bad for Jason and Danelle the most in this equation.
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  8. Why even bother with the whole thing? Sad because I loved the album and as really looking forward To what they came up with next. It’s not like Colbie couldn’t keep her solo career going at the same time....
    I guess the fact they flopped meant they can’t be bothered....
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  9. Loving this!!!
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  10. This gives me Carrie Underwood meets Ashlee Simpson vibes...
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  11. This is great!!
  12. This is absolutely stomping right now, debuting at #3 on Spotify United States, which is a huge feat for a country song.

    It's pleasant enough. The power of Tiktok though!
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  13. After 54 weeks since it went to radio, Maddie and Tae have lodged their first #1 since 2014 with “Die From a Broken Heart”! Both Mediabase and Billboard!

    The little hit that could!
  14. I have been playing them on repeat lately! The album is great. This song has been stuck in my head for the last month. So happy for them.
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  15. I can't believe it took that long, as I'm already a little bit over that song having streamed it many times months ago. Still, well deserved.
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