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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MollieSwift21, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Oh no. Just found out about this....wondered why one of her albums was back on the best-sellers at amazon.

    She seemed ageless. I remember her early albums in the 80s, and she's just always been there. We lose so many, too young.
  2. Not Uncle Joe quoting Chely Wright! Nothing but respect for my president.

    (The racist undertones of this video though... Oh no baby what was you doing?)
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  3. Lauren Alaina’s third album is finally out today!

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  4. Was just about to post this. It’s really good!
  5. This completely passed me by, I had no idea he had a new album.

    It's really, like REALLY, different for him. His last album was his best work and this is a total sonic 180, but I think I like it? He's an artist who I always liked for his voice and lyrics anyway. There are some traces of his classic Country sound but it feels a lot more poppy.
    Gutted the last few singles are going to remain orphans, it's not like they'd fit on this record.
  6. Twinnie released the video for 'Cool' last week, which was originally her debut single back in 2015 but was recently re-worked and added to her debut album as the "final chapter" of 'Hollywood Gypsy'. The new version gives it that little extra kick in the production that it was missing back when it first came out.

  7. My two favorites right now getting together to do a duet? I’m in Heaven.

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  8. Hopefully she's doing ok in the circumstances. Rosegold is still my album of the year.
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  9. Carly Pearce's 29: Written in Stone might just be one of my favourite albums ever. I love the honest and clever songwriting, the heartbreak in her voice and yet it leaves you feeling hopeful too. Didn't Do, Your Drinkin' My Problem and All The Whiskey in the World stand out for me.
  10. Looking forward to giving this a listen.
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  11. Why doesn’t this surprise me in the slightest.
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