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Courage My Love - Synesthesia

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. Formed by twin sisters Mercedes and Phoenix and the beautiful Brandon, Courage My Love are a Canadian trio who originally made Pop Punk music from 2011-14, before focusing on a more pop-oriented sound for their debut album "Synesthesia", due out Feb 3, 2017.

    The chorus on Animal Heart...
  2. Ooh thanks for this. 'Animal Heart' is good. Giving me Shiny Toy Guns vibes.
  3. Circa We Are Pilots, I hope? Aha

    I agree though, I'm also getting a bit of poppy PVRIS and VersaEmerge.

    @Vasilios, @Fascination, @Mypioneer, @2014, @Noir, @geomixes
  4. No worries.

    Their older material may not appeal as much as the album tracks, but if you were a fan of the mid-noughties pop-punk wave, then you may find a guilty pleasure in what lurks in the vault.

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  5. Thanks for the tag, I'm really liking what I'm hearing!

    Edit: 24 hours later and I am OBSESSED
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  6. This is really good!
  7. Received a copy of the album to review, really enjoying what I hear so far!
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  8. Oh wow, link us when it's up!

    Are the three singles a good indication of the overall sound?
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  9. Yeah I would think so. It's a really cohesive body of work, my favourite right now is "The Year I Disappeared."
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  10. No pre-sale link on Amazon as yet.
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  12. I know! I was going to order it from Warner music until I got to shipping and it was the same cost as the CD!
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  13. They're uploading track-by-tracks on their FaceBook and it sounds like a banger-heavy album
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  15. Awesome article! I may end up reviewing this album at this rate, everything is sounding top notch!

    I'm especially intrigued for The Year I Disappeared.
  16. The Year I Disappeared is my absolute fave! But Drowning and Walls have emerged as stand outs too. Need Someone is also amazing but a little bit basic.
  17. First listen through and loving the album!
  18. £9 on Amazon Marketplace now. That's more like it!
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