Cover Drive - All My Love

Seems not, I was looking for it today actually as I thought I just imagined it. Are they done now then?

Pretty much. No radio station besides Capital bothered to play them and once the album flopped, Capital dropped them.

I think there's ALOT of potential with them, though. I mean, a Bajan quarter led by a Rihanna lookalike singing catchy summer tunes should have been a winner but everything just seemed to go wrong.
They've got a new song out called 'Lovesick Riddim' and it's really really nice! Shame that they've fallen off the radar so much. I think someone should sign Amanda as a solo artist, she can make it with the right backing. She looks stunning in the video, perfect body


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This is the video where the girls from Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model had to perform in the background for one of their weekly tasks lol
Just discovered them from the Neon Jungle thread comments and now Im in love. Their album is solid! Really good!
I cant believe they were dropped!
They posted this 2 days ago. Maybe its a new single

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The new single video has been uploaded. Liked the dudes abs!
I didnt liked the song,it has an annoying sound though out the whole song. Need better producers now!!

They are currently in the process of recording their second album: