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Covid-19: Impact on film & TV

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jordtayylor, Jul 23, 2020.

  1. This is massive and they may say it‘s only for 2021 but I think this will be very hard to change again cause people will get used.

    They need to find a solution for outside of US.

    And poor cinemas.
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  2. This really is major. There’s just no telling when theater-going will get back to a place that is profitable for studios, so it’s a smart move. I also love having the option of seeing films at home or in theaters, and selfishly, I’d love that to become the norm (especially as more streaming platforms also release their films in theaters). I do think this is partially to ensure the success of their streaming platform, which has been/will be their financial focus for some time, but I also think this is continued testing for release models in the years to come. I just think we’re getting ever closer to studios owning theaters again, which is a game-changer I am dreading.
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  3. The entire industry is about to change. Looking back this will be so 20/20 in every sense and in every way possible.
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  4. I certainly think it'll change cinema, but I feel like the "cinema is over" narrative is being driven by people who go about twice a year in the first place, spend half the film on their phones and leave most of the large popcorn they bought on the floor for some poor soul to clean up.
  5. Disney are definitely going to announce the same thing next week at their investors meeting
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  6. Zero sympathy to be honest. Movie theaters have been coasting by for a while on exclusivity rather than trying to improve the experience in any way. Which is more frustrating than ever now the at-home experience is better in many cases, but you're left paying to watch a film in shitter quality because of exclusivity.

    Good riddance to that kind of business model.
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  7. So do you pay extra to watch them within that month?
  8. No, which is an even bigger treat.
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  9. Game-changer indeed.
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  10. I really, really miss seeing movies at a theare. It's always been one of my favorite things in the world. Yes, snacks are insanely expensive, people are increasingly annoying having their phones out, but... now that I haven't been able to go for months on end, I miss it so much. I can't wait to sit in a theater stoned out of my mind to see a shit movie with an overpriced popcorn and fountain pop again.
  11. Same sis, going to the movies is like my favourite hobby.
  12. There’s no way I’m not seeing Dune at the cinema. This makes sense for the USA I guess, but I can’t wait to get back to the local flea pit for WW84.
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  13. Ugh same. Moviegoing is my favorite pastime, and also one of my favorite solo activities when I need to escape from the world. Not having that bliss/distraction has been taking its toll on me more than just about anything else. I usually see a film on the big screen at least twice a week, and not having those 4-5 hours to turn off my phone, be away from everything I know, and just get lost in another world has not been good for my mental health. I don’t think I can live in a world without movie theaters, so I will do whatever I can to keep them open...once it’s safe to return.
  14. Have tech companies figured out a way to service streams without having stans be able to rip the video yet? I know Netflix were working on something at one point but I think it's pretty much impossible. Every single one of these movies is going to appear on *insert alternative streaming site here* within... minutes.
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  15. Nope and even if they do people will find a work around
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  16. Yikes... terrifying.

    LA/California/the US needs to go back into lockdown. LA is a mess and only more people will get sick. I hate that I love here when I could be in Canada and feeling slightly better about my surroundings.
  17. I really doubt cinemas won’t come back after a good fraction of the population is hopefully vaccinated.

    I’d argue watching a movie with friends at home just isn’t the same as watching a movie with a few strangers, if that makes sense? It’s such a great moment of human connection to be in a room with complete strangers and yet, you’re all feeling or reacting over the same scene. No other baggage attached, except this moment in front of you. Sigh.
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  18. It’s been fascinating reading everyone’s takes and the overall updates from networks and production companies.

    Speaking only for myself, I don’t think I’ll be returning to the cinema. I’ve enjoyed being able to watch the latest movies direct on streaming platforms I already paid a lot for from the comfort and safety of my own home. I wouldn’t go as far as to to suggest that the whole act of going to the cinema is dead, but I can definitely see more people choosing to watch the latest movies at home if given the chance.
  19. I’m more split.

    I agree with @colouroffensive in that I’ve really enjoyed being able to watch the latest offerings, from the comfort and safety of my own home. I also won’t be planning on returning to the cinema, whilst we’re still in pretty poor shape and in and out of lockdowns.

    However, when we have reached a point of normality, I will definitely return. The big screen experience is pretty magical and it would be pretty tragic to lose it completely.
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