On a music angle, I'm a li'l bit concerned about summer festivals and gigs, if I'm honest. If Ms. Corona decides to head into the warmer months then there's a good chance either a) a lot of acts will cancel touring plans altogether and b) governments will put a stop to large gatherings of people. It'll be fucking disastrous for the music industry and a lot of economies if that happens.
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My work made me self isolate for two weeks (still living through that) because I was in China for 8 hours a month ago. It’s fucking awful and I’ve broken literally every guideline on the NHS website which I only realised when I bothered to read that out of boredom today.
As far as I know it hasn't hit western Canada yet but with these new developments I'm second guessing my plans to travel to Los Angeles at the end of April for my birthday, especially since I plan to go to DragCon.

edit: Turns out there are more confirmed cases in British Columbia than Ontario. ddd.
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The common flu is more virulent and deadly than this strain of coronavirus, and the coverage of the new virus seems to have made people forget that. The people worrying about a mass quarantine or being cut off from food are doing a bit tew much

According to China's NHC, most of the fatalities (80%) were from those over the age of 60, and 75% had pre-existing health conditions like diabetes and heart disease.
As someone with an immune disease it's something I fear. I never had pneonomia, but if I would get that which is more likely with this particular virus, then it will be the end for me. 20% of tested cases develops critical conditions. So 1 out of 5.
I’m off to Tenerife in 2 weeks and the hotel currently under lockdown is a 4 minute drive from where I’m staying.

Feels like a bad sign.
I work in travel insurance, so as you can imagine, this is working out great for us.

“So I’m calling about this thing, I don’t know if you’ve heard about it, it’s the Corona virus...”

You know, it may have come up once or twice.

“I’m planning on travelling to China, any advice?”

Bitch don’t.

“I’m travelling near China and im worried what if i die.”

I mean, we’re all gonna die....someday.

Good times :/