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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Honestly how does Trump not have it yet?

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  2. This thread is terrifying nn. Also talk of Depression instead of Recession, not great. To be fair, Cuomo's been handling this quite well though, minus the whole using prison labor to produce hand sanitizer thing.

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  3. Yep that’ll be me - our theatre tour has cancelled all performances this week and most likely the rest of the tour too. But because the government haven’t officially banned them, it means the touring company won’t get the insurance as they themselves have decided to close.
    So none of us get paid. Folk who work in theatre aren’t flush to begin with, and myself and all my colleagues are really worried about how we’re going to stay afloat during this time. And whether, once this is all over, everywhere we used to work will even be open anymore. So many theatres are going to go bankrupt because of Johnson’s lack of official action.
  4. These White House briefings are pure propaganda all to prop up Trump and his """""response"""""". What a fucking fraud.
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  5. speaking of:

    He really has worms for brains.
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  6. So, I've tried to avoid talking about my own struggles regarding this whole thing in this thread because I feel like I'm in a much more privileged position than most (mainly because I was already unemployed and not going out very often anyway ddd), but certain things are really starting to seep in and get to me. Like, for example, a while ago I'd booked lunch for me and my mum for Mother's Day at an independent café we've been visiting regularly for years. And yeah, they're officially closing up shop on Saturday so that's not gonna happen anymore, and heaven knows when (or if) we'll be able to visit them again. It's gonna be an enormous challenge having no access to many things that I've come to depend on for my own mental health, for an indefinite amount of time.

    I'm hoping, but not expecting, that our leaders get their asses into gear and do their fucking jobs for once. They wanted the responsibility, shit or get off the pot.
  7. NOW Mall of America is closing, effective 5pm today, for two weeks.

    Phew, things move fast.
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  8. Paris is handling it well

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  9. Any US hunties know how a payroll tax cut would even work? What would that be, like $5 per paycheck nn. And what about people who don't pay those taxes? They're shit out of luck?
  10. Oh we need something like this for England! The phone is ringing non-stop in the clinic I work at and we’re just not able to get back to everyone.
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  11. I’m glad to see North Carolina is taking this more seriously than a lot of other states seem to be. All restaurants & bars are closing dining areas today at 5PM (they can remain open for takeout). Gyms, museums and libraries are closing. These closures are necessary to keep Americans indoors, people won’t listen to government warnings.

    Im also happy to see that unemployment benefits are being expanded in the state to help those who will be out of work as a result of the closures. The trump administration are unsurprisingly still trying to act like this isn’t that big of a deal but I’m refusing to look up any Trump briefings/addresses, I can’t handle it.
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  12. Is Bojo going live today?
  13. I feel like all these two-week closures are... useless? What happens when everyone goes back to normal in two weeks and start spreading the virus again? Wouldn't there need to be, like, two months of closure to actually have an impact?
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  14. I’m praying there’s some sort of confirmation of financial assistance for the entertainment industry.

    I work in one of the only theatres that hasn’t closed yet and today feels apocalyptic in scope. It feels like we’ll be shut down at any moment and be made redundant. It’s terrifying.
  15. I’d expect some supermarket news today guys, more restricted opening hours etc.
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  16. Yes. I think governments are just starting with 14 days because it sounds manageable.

    In Spain, I doubt anything will change until the end of April or beginning of May. Our current quarantine would end on March 30th or so, but then that would be just the week before the Holy Week (from April 5th to April 12th).

    The Holy Week is simply massive here: students go back home, people travel to see processions, people travel abroad to avoid processions, people go to the beach, people go to the mountains, etc. It would be utterly stupid to go through these two weeks and then tell people that it's OK to move around and whatnot.

    If one single person is infected and moves around, they can cause havoc. Just look at SK:

    So... yeah. I'd say we're looking more at a six-week quarantine (you know, actual 40 days ññ).
  17. Let's send this woman on an international world tour:

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  18. The White House is now pressing for an $850 billion stimulus package, hoping to send checks out to Americans within two weeks.
  19. Vacay to the Smoky Mountains is officially OFF. God I love 2020.

  20. Why aren’t they force closing things?
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