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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. *in my Violet voice* he's not wrong, but he's not not wrong. My point is really that given he doesn't have epidemiological training, he has a ton of potential blind spots in his thinking/analysis. I'd rather get epidemiological insight from trained professionals who know the ins and outs and assumptions of disease projections. I'm a PhD candidate and probably have a decent sense of what might work (similar to this guy), but I wouldn't be out there making any claims about any of this.
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  2. God, people are idiots.

    Day One of lockdown is going great. I’ve started a new hobby: napping.
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  3. it's always darkest before the dawn.
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  4. FaceTimed my boyfriend this evening and he started crying because we don’t know how long it’ll be until we see each other in person again. He’s got a lot of time on his hands now which means he’s got plenty of time to think and let his mind wander. Ugh, I really wish this pandemic would show signs of slowing down already.
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  5. People are fucking idiots.
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  6. Tories trying to convince Boris to form a cross-party 'Covid government' so that they aren't held solely to blame for all the failures they make during this whole thing is just as weasel-y as you expect them to be.
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  7. I went to drop off some supplies to my parents (no visiting just a drop and go) and this lady almost hit me by swerving completely in my lane head on because.......she was sanitizing her steering wheel.....while driving.
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  8. I just don’t understand how his approval ratings are fine, like how can people be satisfied with the way he’s ran things when his inaction is probably going to cause thousands of deaths in the U.K. because he wasn’t bothered enough to take it seriously and thought “oh let’s just let 60% of the country get infected so they all become immune”
  9. In other news my condo building management just sent everyone an email saying someone has been confirmed to have COVID-19. My building has 600 units in it and they said the person used the gym and elevators all last week and has been in quarantine in their unit for 2 days. I won't be surprised if public health quarantines everyone in our building for 14 days. FML.
  10. What I think is affecting lots of people is not just the actual virus, but the environment surrounding it.

    For example, If you are still at work, then you barely have any time to escape it. When you are at work, you are constantly reminded of things like social distancing, increased sanitation and conversations with fellow colleagues.
    Then when you are at home, you are constantly reading things, watching the news and TV programmes, or you and your family end up talking about it, so you don't have an escape from the effects it is having. I don't know if it's just me, but by the end of the day, you are drained from it all.

    I was at work today, and the amount of people who weren't bothered about this social distancing is unreal! We are all trying to adapt to this new way of normal, but some people are just idiots aren't they?!
  11. The psychosomatic symptoms of this from worrying about it are so real. My body is going crazy.
  12. I genuinely think some people have it in their head that all this will be wrapped up and done with by the summer because “you can’t get the flu in the summer” is what I heard one person say. Lord give me strength. We’re in this for the long run, it will take months upon months to return things back to the way they once were. People need to get on board and start following the advice we’ve been given because the longer they choose to think this doesn’t affect them the longer this weird state were in will continue to affect all of us.
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  13. This is all so true and the only thing I can really advise is giving yourself some level of escapism. For me, I'm only engaging with the governments daily briefing. I'm building in solid time with my family where we proactively do not discuss the virus. I'm listening to podcasts, audio books and basically anything to shield me from it. That's included avoiding social media, not stalking the news for the death tolls etc.

    Ultimately, there is only so much of this virus that will impact you on that day to day so stay aware of that and allow the rest to take place.
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  14. My first day of managing an entire team of people from home was a trip.

    But I could get used to never being in the newsroom again now that I know I can do everything remotely
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  15. Same! One day I felt I was burning up then I had headaches then I was fine it’s amazing what stress and anxiety can do to your body.
  16. Why are people liking this post?

    *Kirsten Dunst awkward face gif*
  17. Yeah I don't think I've gotten a good night's sleep over this in at least two weeks...all anxiety-related.
  18. I cross off each day on my calendar when I go to bed to reassure myself that it won’t be long until this lockdown is over

    And gets extended

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