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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. No, but my stocks have been losing alot of value. This is a good time to buy though because people are really irrational during a general panic. Anything that's lost a lot of value because of concerns due to a supply chain disruption during a potential pandemic should go back up once this has passed.
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  2. Sigh we got an email today from the Associate Dean from our school today asking people to not racially discriminate against people today because of this virus. You’d think people would have the common decency to be tolerant and not have to be reminded about shit like this
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  3. Actually, no. I've never thought this.
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  4. So two BA baggage handlers have the virus which makes me think if they have it, amongst us Crew some have to have it.

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  5. "Killer infection"

    Muffy sis, the drama for sheer clickbait purposes
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  6. Sam


  7. With the state of the UK the past few days and the sense of hysteria, racially motivated attacks and panic buying I’ve been thinking about how massively unprepared we would be if we were to not have a deal come 1st January. We’ve shown that our instincts as a nation are to lose our fucking minds over what is a relatively minor issue for most of us. God forbid we would ever have actual food shortages and significant changes to our way of life.
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  8. I sneezed on the train yesterday and about twelve heads whipped in my direction. Took advantage of my accidental scare tactics by snatching a row all to myself. Talent!

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  9. welp, I'm goin to Seattle today and the friend who is hosting has quarantined himself. Nice knowing everyone =)
  10. I misread this as:
    "I hate the scaremongering. The elderly or really ill need to be killed".
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  11. Me when someone around me sneezes/coughs
    Me on the inside
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    well now we said it
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  13. Don't panic, everything will be fine. Now that the UK government has partnered with Doctor Alex from Love Island to tackle the problem, we've obviously got nothing to worry about. I'm sure both he and our wonderful health secretary Matt Spatchcock will have it all under control in no time.
  14. Selfish question alert, but does anyone have a sense of whether this will continue expanding through the summer? I'm booked for Ibiza/Mallorca (away from the crowds/parties, but flying from the US thru Madrid nonetheless), and don't want to eat the ticket price.
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  16. SXSW cancelled
  17. I'm ~~~young and healthy~~~ but have some severe deficiencies because I don't look after myself and a simple cold knocks me out for two weeks and takes about six weeks to shake so I'm thrilled that I'm not legally entitled to stay off work if this thing breaks out in my city (which it has) LOL
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  18. Trump's visit to the CDC and presser was absolutely insane, we are fucked.
  19. [​IMG]
  20. I love that the British (especially the right wing) have this self-image as stoical and prepared to come together with the Blitz-spirit, whereas in fact it's a country where the police have to tell people to stop calling 999 because KFC has run out of chicken.
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