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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. nn okay well if I knew that somewhere out there, a Tory was applauding me, my reaction would lean towards the latter.
  2. That's exactly how everyone I work with feels.
  3. My local leisure centre is being converted into some sort of temporary, overflow hospital, due to be open in the next weeks ready for the predicted peak in May.

    Surely if we’re on lockdown for the next 3 weeks, that should stop the spread quite considerably, so the peak should be a lot easier to manage?

    Is that just wishful thinking? How is it supposed to get worse when we’re all quarantined?
  4. Because the rate of cases is going to sky rocket in the next few weeks, Just think of how many people went to the pub for one final drink when it was announced that pubs were to close, and how many people could have been infected and spread it to other people. It's going to take time for these people to have symptoms appear
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  5. I would like to spare a thought for our Spanish hunties and their country, which is going through the deepest hell right now and with a diminishing degree of interest from the international community now that the pandemic has become everyone's personal problem. We love you, girls, and haven't forgotten about you.
  6. I can't speak for the rest of the world, but the two biggest issues with the Imagine thing for me were;
    a) there are a lot of ways the people involved could have used their platform for practical good, and this wasn't one of them
    b) Imagine is a fucking dreadful song anyway

    Neither of which are applicable here. The proportion of people doing this who voted Tory probably isn't as big as you think, and I'm not sure what you expect the rest of us to do - jump in a time machine and lock all the Tory voters in a cupboard on election day? If only.
  7. Gracias.

    Forza Italia e tutto il resto.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. I'm not sure we've ever had anything as ludicrous and embarrassing as opening your windows at 8PM and clapping, let alone ragging on a saucepan. The WORMS
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  10. Well, that is a genuine shame.

    Going on social media there is literally hundreds upon hundreds of nurses and doctors emotionally grateful right now for the public support and reminding everyone to stick to restrictions to maintain the best support that could possibly be done.

    Like I said before, people should be fighting tooth and nail for proper funding for the NHS but many many NHS workers are feeling the emotion tonight and that shouldn’t be taken away. Support is needed now more than ever.
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  11. Okay, well use whatever phrase you want to describe how Instagrammers will co-opt it to broadcast how great they are between fast fashion shots.

    Anyway, the point is that it was a nice moment, the NHS deserve the applause, and they also deserve a fairer deal when all this is done.
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  12. United States are now the country with most cases, surpasing China and Italy. Italy's not too far behind, though.
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  13. Sounds like we follow very different people on Instagram.

    Awful but unsurprising news about the US; they've been sleepwalking into the abyss for weeks now. That's what electing a reality TV star as president will get you, I suppose.
  14. I work in community pharmacy (not in a pharmacy though) and it’s brilliant to see the NHS being recognised for all the hard work during the pandemic but I feel like all the brilliant people working on the front lines in pharmacy deserve some recognition also, they aren’t NHS workers but they are there dealing with patients and potentially putting themselves at risk every day. The abuse some of our staff are receiving on a daily basis at the moment is horrendous and at the moment seem to be being forgotten when it comes to support and recognition. Some love for pharmacy would be brilliant.
  15. I mean it's a nice sentiment but it's a bit like people singing Happy Birthday and you're not sure where to look. It should have been clap for everyone who still has to get up in the morning and go to work and doesn't get to just stay at home and protect themselves or can't even practically social distance while in work.
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  16. I just don’t think clapping will mean shit when NHS workers start dying because of this
  17. The clapping was nice.
  18. Wheres the harm in clapping? It's a nice way for the average Joe to show their appreciation.
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  19. Because they go ‘well I did my part, I CLAPPED’ while allowing them to ignore that what the NHS really needs is funding and protective gear and it’s the height of hypocrisy to be clapping to show your appreciation for the NHS while voting in and empowering a government that will tear it apart.
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  20. If the average Joe sincerely wants to show appreciation for the NHS they wouldn’t keep voting in a Tory government who have systematically cut funding over the course of a decade.
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