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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Why are we assuming they all voted Tory? Many won't have.
  2. Well, I didn't vote Tory (and never have) and the constituency where I live does not have (and has never had) a Tory MP, and the NHS is devolved in Scotland which only has three Tory MPs anyway so I guess we'll clap if we want, thanks all the same.
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  3. There's definitely no harm in clapping (I think it's a nice thing to do), but many of these people *will* have voted for the government which is ultimately responsible for the level of danger our NHS staff are in right now.

    I just wish someone in the mainstream was pointing out the hypocrisy.
  4. I clapped. It was actually quite lovely.
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  5. Clapping is fine but that kind of mentality needs to stretch into these next few weeks. Right now self isolation and quarantine is a buzz word and something novel - check out the tik toks and insta stories - but 2 weeks in, 3 weeks in is going to be a different story especially with how the numbers may sky rocket. Clap now but clap then too, also volunteer and help if able to. This is the start, let’s make sure we get through to the end.
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  6. ssa


    Clapping, singing on balconies...

    Let them do it if they want to.
    I get what you're all saying, but why do we need to shut down every single attempt at being positive and appreciative?
    There's no need for gloom and silence. We'll all have enough of that coming our way.

    That's literally the only time in a day society goes back to the way it was.
    People being part of something.

    My parents went out at 9PM and lit a candle when everyone was doing that in Italy a couple of weeks ago, way after the clapping wave died down there.
    I was on Skype with them, and it was the most moving thing I've ever seen them do.
    I saw how they started talking about it in the morning, discussing whether it would be better to light a tealight or the flashlight on their phone.
    Looking forward to 9PM do do something they knew everyone else would be doing.
    And I saw them looking forward to both the singing, the clapping and the tealight thing every day.
    It warmed my heart every single time.
    It hasn't happened lately. And I honestly wish they still had that to rely on and look forward to.

    It's a communal effort, coming together to do something that's ultimately utterly useless but which gives you a sense of belonging, connecting you to everyone around you.
    That's what gets stripped away from you when a whole country is locked inside either an apartment or a hospital, be it working or being treated.

    That might be the one thing that keeps someone out there afloat through this.
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  7. Good news re: Trump though. The rally around the flag bump lost.
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  8. It’s honestly disgusting how the hard work of the NHS is translating into increased public support for a monster of a Prime Minister who wants to gut it
  9. I'd say it'll be worth looking at the graph again after we've come through the worst.
  10. Why has his approval increased? Is it not universally agreed that everything came too late in the UK?
  11. Pubs closed the latest possible.
  12. Yeah I'm thinking that their ratings have improved from very bad to "oh finally". That's what the increase is

    I have to say, reading this thread was scary this week. Some of the stuff the UK people were experiencing for the first time this week as opposed to what many already are used to elsewhere for 2 weeks. The UK lockdown is also more strict as they're playing catch up so my heart goes out to them.
  13. It's his highest approval in 52 weeks though after a year-long stall since politics is hyper-partisan in the US.

    This is a win for Trump, Boris, Macron, etc. despite handling their governments horribly. It's understandable - global crises send people into a shock, which is how shock doctrines can even be achieved under people's noses when they're afraid and more willing to trust the government in a time of crisis.

    I have my issues with Trudeau and Merkel but haven't been following Germany or Canada's response enough to comment. I've seen a claim that Germany is apparently testing the most people weekly in Europe, which is good since mass-testing is the thing we need every country doing right now.

    What's worrying though is the risk of those in power exploiting this new found trust in government.
  14. I saw some people in the Us Politics thread saying this would lead to a collapse in capitalism.... when it’s way more likely that the opposite will happen. @Sanctuary is 100% right to signal boost the shock doctrine.
  15. The good sis made some points.

  16. Today in Canada: Trump is planning to send troops to our border.
  17. Will this be the case though when all that lost time catches up?
  18. It doesn't appear so and at this stage why would it?

    The fear of the virus is still not all that high. The death rate is growing quickly, but still not enough for most people to know someone who was impacted. The governments also just announced that a big chunk of people can stop working, which will give it a lot of good grace.

    It's a few months down the line when we'll see the real results once we really understand the magnitude of the governments inaction.
  19. The pendulum in times of crises can swing harshly both ways, it just depends on who is pushing.

    It's not hard to imagine even in the wake of all of this nationalized healthcare systems around the world struggling to keep up with all the costs that were endured during the crisis and the idea of ~selfless privatization being brought out and pushed as private corruptions who've recovered much faster due to corporate welfare trying to ~save beloved services by making some ~necessary changes.
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