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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

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  2. Sam


    A fog's descended on Newcastle. This is doing the rounds on Facebook


    Muffy sis the hysteria?! I cAN’T
  3. Unfortunately I have no faith that support for Trump or Boris will wane. These supporters are not of rational mind to begin with. Their loved ones one could literally drop dead around them and they’ll still find something else to pin it on.
  4. Clearly everything in the world is Obama’s fault. They say it so it must be true.
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  5. I'm a nurse who works for the NHS and I was actually just leaving the house to go to work for my nightshift when the clapping started in my neighbourhood and I actually thought it was really nice. Like another poster said the clapping and campaigning for better working conditions can both happen.
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  6. Was prescribed some benzos from my GP this afternoon. Hopefully they will help curb my anxiety.
  7. So I’m sleepless another night because of a horribly soar throat and I’ve got a runny nose and a cough as well. I really wish there were tests available to tell if it’s just a normal cold or the Corona virus. I’ve been sick for three days now and it only feels like I’m getting sicker. Hopefully a long night of listening to the savior Ms. Dua Lipa’s new album will cure me miraculously.
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  8. So what yall thinking is that there's no chance for things to come back to at least partially in May or so? :/
  9. They're saying 6 months at least in Australia, so... September.
    And we're one of the lowest (numbers / cases) countries that have been affected so far I think.
  10. Omg. Regular spring weather is a side effect!?
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  11. I know it’s trivial to lament about the forthcoming entertainment drought, but the lingering effects this will have on the content machine that brings us joy and distracts us from real life will soon be unavoidable. There will be no new music video shoots for at least the next couple months. No late night performances, no award shows. Truncated TV seasons. There might not be a fall TV season. Prerecorded Bon Appetit content will eventually run out. I know in the grand scheme of things, these don’t matter that much in our day-to-day life but I can’t help thinking about it.
  12. I mentioned it in the Dua thread but I’m definitely mindful of this - I’m trying to ration my new content so it doesn’t run out so quick. Sucks because you can’t participate in discussions so much but it’s a worthwhile trade off I think.
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  13. This Facebook post...

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  14. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    A lot of TV coverage is downright irresponsible at the moment. They should be doing all they can to keep people informed whilst allaying any unnecessary fears but it's just been making me feel worse. Everyone needs to take this extremely seriously, but we all need a little hope as well. The growing army of curtain twitchers isn't helping either.
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  15. I really don't
    It will wane. Things will get only worse from here.
  16. A 16 year old with no pre-existing condition died from coronavirus in the Paris region, so naturally the news is in full panic mode
  17. Quick, turn off your 5G!
  18. My neighbourhood's been so brilliant. Restaurants delivering food to elderly, isolated people, people being linked up to talk to isolated people in their own language, people arranging shopping and picking up prescriptions for people who really can't leave their house, etc. My heart is warm for the UK for the community spirit that DOES exist, and for everyone here. Stay safe.
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  19. The clapping last night was so ace, stars out, people on the street all saying hey from afar... totally shat on the Brexit night fireworks failure.
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  20. R92


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