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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Well excuse me for believing the world would be a much better place if bad people died

  2. Boris Johnson said too bad if people die from this. It's his job to push policies to keep the British public safe in an epidemic, and he has done a piss poor job of it. He has claimed to have gone around a hospital ward shaking hands with coronavirus patients for God's sake. I don't feel one bit sorry for him.

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  3. And then the children of a dead person will find you a bad person for wishing death on their father and they will cling onto hatred against people like you. And might act out of the same reasoning. This reminds me of people taking measures into own hands rather than the legal system. Someone mentioned guillotine earlier. Yeah lets not go back to those times. Where any of us might end up dead because of our political views. Everyone has to set the right example.
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  4. On the other hand, when Thatcher finally died, people came onto the streets to dance, sing and celebrate. It was a beautiful moment and it brought communities together.
  5. You're talking about this as if we and Boris Johnson are equal, with an equal voice, privilege etc. Fuck his children too, honestly, it's not like they'll work a day in their life. If you're in position of power and wealth, you should suck it up.
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  6. Now if ever is the perfect time to be political and hold people responsible for their actions. A crisis will always shine a light on what’s wrong in a society to begin with and politicians will have to deal with it.
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  7. "Dominic Goings" trending on Twitter, I-
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  8. For those Tories whom have been infected...
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  9. Went outside earlier to withdraw money and restock on food and masks. It really bothers me that people are STILL smoking cigarettes outside. This asshole literally exhaled and the smoke landed on this poor old lady who gave him the dirty look and I don't blame her because that's fucking disrespectful. Also saw another smoke near a Trader Joes line. It just boils my blood like where is the consideration? Shouldn't these people be getting fines for this?
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  10. Just an FYI, this is how little the Tories care about the doctors and nurses in the U.K.

    The Tories point blank refused to take part in an EU initiative which would deliver ventilators and protective equipment to hospitals in the U.K. (and all around the EU). They have the blood of the people who die from Coronavirus on their hands
  11. This girl came to work today with a fever and cough, she left early and called back telling us she’s been asked to self quarantine for a few days and if symptoms get worse to go the ER or Urgent Care. Also testing still isn’t widely available and they are still refusing to test if you haven’t been in contact with someone who tested positive, that is such bullshit.

    Tennessee needs a shelter in place order now because these idiots are hitting up Lowe’s for their “essential” purchases like no one else. I don’t want it to happen but I could see us being one of the hardest hit in a few weeks if people don’t stay the fuck at home. Have also heard the “it’s a hoax” shit all week from idiotic old white men.
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  12. As much as I am saddened and disturbed by it, I cherish humanity, and would never take true pleasure in one's passing. "Celebrating" is not a literal death wish, just a vain hope for karmic awakening and thus a wish for dismantling rich terror. Revelling in a death will always ring hollow, because what actually has to die is oppression.

    There are layers to tragedy. The powers that be actually want us to die (invisibly though, ~let's keep the numbers artificially low~) ⁠— it's only natural to feel the same vitriol back at them out of frustration and helplessness when a line is drawn where front line workers and visibly ill people are denied a valid request for a test, while celebrities are gifted the "luxury" and will be fine because Hollywood actors cynically bleating a multi-key "Imagine" are seen as more _+*v a l i d*+_ in a time of crisis than keeping our nurses safe, and denying ventilators as a bloody power play.

    Unfortunately, one tends to be able to reciprocate kindness moreso on the microcosm. The hard truth is while we were all created equal, we will never be given that right under capitalist gain. When goodwill on the macro becomes reciprocal between the classes, starting from the top downwards, then the moral highground expectations of us lessers and the victimhood of the rich will hold more weight. At the end of the day, the real life rendition of me takes pity and somehow finds 'love' even in the evil that is using a pandemic for their gain. But this is the internet, and while heated words can be held accountable, permit us tongues in cheek here to survive this hell -- because the 1% has shown ineptitude, condescension, and a skewed expectation of the golden rule.


    Anyway, I'm gonna pickle more jalapeños because the fuck else am I gonna do.
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  13. That Imagine debacle was one of the most tone deaf things I’ve ever witnessed - who the fuck thought that it would be a good idea? Who wants to see these clowns bleat Imagine? Shine a light on shit happening like Cardi B, or donate money or ANYTHING.

    Tl;dr: I’ll be a full Cardi B stan for Album 2.
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  14. Literally.
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  16. I'll say it again: Imagine, lyrically, is not even relevant to the current situation, so it's beyond me why Gal Gadot thought it would be helpful in the slightest and I'm sad that so many people whose work I admire agreed to be part of it too.
  17. Another 919 deaths reported in Italy in the last 24 hours...absolutely heartbreaking.
  18. What shounen anime is this.
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  19. Does Lowe’s have any plans to start doing curbside pickup only? Or maybe reduced in store hours?
  20. The realisation/confirmation of how truly pathetic and self-absorbed celebrities have become is a good thing to come from all this. Most of them need to just stay off social media for the foreseeable future.
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