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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. No plans to go to pick up only as of yet. Lowe's decided to start closing early at just 8:30pm during the week and 7pm on Sundays. We are getting non-taxed bonuses next week, $300 for full-time employees and $150 for everyone else. 4 weeks of emergency leave (if you are approved for being high risk or have family that is) and they are also setting up food pantry's at each store to feed us because they don't want anyone going out if they don't have to. I mean I don't want to say they haven't done anything but I don't think it's nearly enough. They are still plowing ahead with this Spring Black Friday shit which is one of the busiest times of the year, people aren't getting tested to even know who has this shit so I can just see it being a breeding ground tbh.

    Our store manager has been strict regarding social distancing measures especially towards customers who don't know how to like stay the fuck away. With that being said though I'm glad I'm on the administration end of things and hardly have to deal with anyone except for covering head cashier stuff on the front. Them begging people to work overtime is a fucking riot during this mess.
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  2. Working from home, day 11, update: Have deliberately done nothing today because I was feeling really low yesterday. Fun. I did, however, mend a hole in my pyjama T-shirt, which I feel very proud about. When this is all over, maybe I'll not only be an amateur naturalist but also an amateur seamstress. Silver linings etc.
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  3. The song Imagine is tone deaf itself. These celebrities doing Imagine covers is probably one of the most cringeworthy shit I've seen in years. The audacity, the lack of reality. Celebrities are full of shit but this pandemic is only highlighting how their hearts are in the right place (debatable) but their heads are so far up their own asses.
  4. It has just been announced that France extends confinement until April 15.
  5. Speaking of tone deaf...
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  6. Routine testing of front line NHS staff in England to begin next week now they have sufficient capacity to take and process the tests announced in the daily press conference. Thank goodness for that, the length of time in getting to this stage is no doubt due to practicalities but it's felt so damn slow. No news on Scotland or Wales get though.

    Hopefully this helps give the amazing people a bit more confidence in going to and staying at work. Can't imagine what that's like.
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  7. This made me scream this morning. Tuition and board for undergraduates is like $75k at NYU. Despicable.
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  8. What on earth
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  9. Why did she feel the need to attach a video of her doing these struggle zumba moves to an email that is alerting NYU students they will not be receiving their money back. I can't. I hope these students are protesting because the video attachment is clearly a fuck you letter to all of those students.
  10. what is 2020
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  11. The numbers coming out of Italy and now NYC are so heartbreaking. It's a literal nightmare. I know numbers aren't just going to drop off suddenly but the fact that Italy's death toll is getting worse each day is like a gut-punch. And NYC is turning truly apocalyptic, too. It's just unimaginable.
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  13. Played with it a bit and some of these estimations seem highly optimistic but I'm trying not to be completely pessimistic but how can you not be considering we have Trump running things?
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  14. We're going to be on lockdown for another two months aren't we? My sanity is already starting to slip, I'm going to have a full on nervous breakdown.
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  15. At the moment I prefer to focus on what we know (that we're on lockdown until the middle of April) and what we can do (stay home unless it's absolutely necessary to do otherwise and educate others to do the same).

    Trying to speculate on how long it will actually last is human nature, obviously, but it won't do you any good.
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    I can see California flattening the curve, but it will entail us being under this stay at home order until late June or early July. I wonder if Newsom could prevent air travel from other states...
  17. I'd feel safest in California, to be honest. Cuomo's doing a decent job (better than de Blasio), but New Yorkers are too arrogant and too subscribed to capitalism and upstate is basically the Rust Belt and probably doesn't have capacity.
  18. We're now an essential business so I'm going back to work on Monday. I'm... scared.
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