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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. I’m a Leo and my work just demanded I self isolated for two weeks because I was around my father who had flu like symptoms....
  2. You could cut the tension with a knife in our house right now. We all put our foot down and told our housemate she cannot have her friend over.

    Doors are being slammed, floors are being stomped, loud "I haven't seen her for 4 whole months" phone calls are being made.

    Boo fucking hoo, go stay with her if you cant survive a few more weeks.
  3. He


    Your household right now
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  4. Good on you. Some people are thinking they’re above all of this, and they’re not.
  5. While I'm lucky to even be living with my grandfather and my cousin....I'm worried about not seeing other family members for a while. I know the lockdown has been extended to April 30th but I can definitely see them extending it to summer. My boyfriend and I have been skyping every night as he lives uptown and I'm downtown and even though it was nice the first two weeks, it just hit me last night that this is going to be our reality for god knows how long. I'm also worried about my uncle who works at Bellevue and its madness over there. They already completed the morgue that is supposed to hold over 1,000 dead bodies. This feels like an actual horror movie.
  6. More and more stories of younger people with no known pre-existing conditions dying from this is becoming really fucking scary.
  7. Someone said this before and I honestly can’t wait for the day that this thread doesn’t make it to page 1 or 2 and we stopped posting here anymore about this.
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  8. We stan South Korea.

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  9. The thing is, she gets sick all the time. So if theres a chance of getting it, she probably would.
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  11. The problem though is that in places like China and South Korea, if their leaders issue out an order, they fall the fuck in line whereas in the UK people are out at the fucking beach.

    I’m heartened though by the news coming out that the government is finding people are now taking this more seriously and self isolating and that hospital admissions are going down.

    I just want this all over!
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  12. Have you seen the Wuhan inhabitants rushing to the stations to finally enter the city and see their loved ones again after months of quarantine? We shouldn't make the mistake of thinking Chinese people are uniquely better than people elsewhere, cause even though it's a positive stereotype in this case, it reinforces extremely negative prejudices against Chinese people which I'm sure I don't need to write here. There's also the fact they implemented extremely authoritarian measures in SK, like tracking phones.

    Of course we should look to other countries for examples to follow, but to compare two completely different countries without taking into account hundreds of different factors... Yeah, good luck with that.
  13. Well we are officially on a shelter in place order, the three local county health departments and city officials just announced it. Now maybe Lowe’s will limit how many people enter the store at a time while also limiting returns, cutting installation services, and strict delivery protocols are enforced.
  14. How the fuck is this country considered civilised? How the fuck did American Exceptionalism come to be?

  15. One thing that has given me some slight hope that there's a light at the end of the tunnel is mapping out the confirmed cases in my city and seeing the demonstrable effect sheltering in place and concentrated effort by both the local government and private businesses has had on 'dampening' the curve.


    The official order to shelter in place went into effect on March 16th (one of the first in the US), and most large companies started recommending WFH within the first 7 days of March. In theory the peak number new of cases should be happening from March 22nd through the very start of April. We're not out of the woods of course, but it's wonderful progress to see that we've gone from doubling the number of cases every 4 days to (what appears to be based on the daily case numbers) doubling every 10 days at the current rate.

    I'm not a Doctor or trained in anything even remotely in the medical field, but these numbers are encouraging and has helped get me through some of the aimlessness I've been feeling sitting at home all day.
  16. Seeing more and more queries and confirmed cases coming into work only in the last week and more and more staff be given ppe yet we are still given nothing cause we "aren't direct contact" with patients even though we are passing them on corridors all day long and paramedics are coming into out office all day covered head to toe in protective gear after being with a patient is making going to work very frustrating and also very scary. I feel sorry for all the nurses and doctors cause you can just see the exhaustion and how drained they are from this already. Also only in last few days even though I know this is a real selfish thought in the middle of all this knowing I'm not gonna be able to see any friends face to face or see any of my family for god knows how many months has gotten me extremely down the last few days. It's hard I'm sad. Stay strong and safe people.
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  18. The healthcare system has always been the crowning jewel of the Spanish welfare system and this crisis is showing how unprepared, underfunded and understaffed it is. And yet, I can't help but stan their cleverness in the face of such chaos.

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  19. Who is this fucking queen?
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  20. I always check the daily Scottish government figures for my area and it’s encouraging to see that since Friday there’s only been one confirmed case. I know that doesn’t mean a lot because there’s loads of unconfirmed cases out there but maybe it’s showing that this lockdown is starting to have an effect?
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