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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Thank you for posting this. It’s the first thing that has genuinely made me feel slightly at ease!
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  2. Another press conference today at the end of the day in the Netherlands.
    Probably extending the regulations that are until 6th of April. But no one knows until when...
  3. Working from home, day 15, update: It's gotten to a point where I have to take naps between each online oral exam because I find them that exhausting. I did have a little chuckle when one girl accidentally ended up filming her forehead during the entirety of her presentation.
  4. Well... turns out this was because there was trouble with labs reporting numbers at the weekend and that's the reason why
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  5. Articles posted in reddit in response to this show reasons why. But I'm not going to get into it but check out reddit if you're curious but maybe also don't if you are anxious.

    Don't worry too much about it.
  6. Do you know what time the announcement is at? In France we're on lockdown until April 15th but I imagine the Schengen countries will all be following similar policies since we're an open border.
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  7. I'm... weirdly feeling better about all this. Today we got the news that we'd work less hours in April at a 75% salary but I was mentally prepared for it so I'm not stressing too much yet (it's not like I spend money on anything other than food for the most part and of course rent +bills).

    The number of cases dropping in Italy for a few consecutive days now has me feeling optimistic. Maybe things will get better for the rest of us in 2, 3 weeks at least in that aspect. I can't imagine life through an extended, all May lockdown though. I'd go mental.
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  8. Ehh, living in South Korea right now I give a bit more credit to the general fast tracking response by the government. I think I read something a week or so ago about like 80% of cases here having an identified source? It's much easier to quash this if you start testing immediately and figure out exactly where it is. Allows society to remain somewhat functional too.

    There's still plenty of ignorance and disobedience regarding the isolation and social distancing measures like all the people who had masks lowered below their noses on the subway or the COMPLETELY ignored signs at Costco about maintaining distance at the checkout aisles today. I've even been fucking it off, continuing to see my boy toy and even doing an impromptu trip to Jeju Island with a friend (the flights both ways were full).

    The thing is though, me and others can afford to not be the most prudent because the government has just been on it. Everything is still open and running because it can be without a huge amount of risk since the government has been and is so quick to respond. The people themselves aren't all that much better than those in the west, but the government response absolutely is.

    (Disclaimer based on the rest of this post: I never would be doing what I'm doing here if I was back living in the U.S.)
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  9. Steve Mnuchin said the checks are coming 2-3 weeks but I feel like he's being way too optimistic. Didn't it take months for the stimulus checks in 2008 to arrive?
  10. I'm sure the delay is because they're trying to print special limited-edition $1200 bills with Trump's face on them.
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  11. Toby Young writing that spending money to save "a few thousand elderly people who will be dead in one or two years anyway" is wasteful.


    Didn't the Tories make him some kind of patron of education a while back?
  12. Australia now has a rule that if you are outside for a reason that isn't essential, you'll get either fined $11,000, or 6 months jail time.
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  13. The first round of lay-offs hit my department today, thankfully my job is safe for right now but some of my friends weren’t as lucky unfortunately.
  14. Just when you think he can't get any cuntier, he does.
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  15. To no ones surprise, Gove talking a whole load of s***. Thread.

  16. The Netherlands has extended their coronavirus regulations until April 28th, so I suppose we should see other countries follow suit soon.
  17. This was really good fun - thank you! It was a nice surprise to see that it's The Dover's quiz as I'm from Leicester myself.
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  18. Me picking up quarantine depression snacks every night after work and inadvertently breaking the government guidelines to shop infrequently because I keep eating my supply

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  19. Just don't give it oxygen.
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