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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Even if we come out of Quarantine in June, they’re gonna purposely cancel all big events to avoid crowding, till 2021 potentially.
  2. As they well should.
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  3. Yeah, I think 2020 is pretty much just a write off, to be honest.

    We might get things like schools and universities going back, shops being open etc.

    Concerts and sporting events won’t happen until 2021. They’ll want the vaccine nearly ready to go before they allow that high a gathering and they’re saying Spring 2021 until that happens.

    International travel is obviously the big one but I can see THAT being the issue for the next two years. Due to how different countries have responded, I think there might be limitations on where people can go for some time (even if their own country is back to normal).
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  4. Oh I agree with that, when I say purposely I mean that it’s going to be part of a covert strategy in order to continue battling infection and not be done reactionary due to an increase of infections.
  5. I suppose it'll be a staggered opening as well and they'll start between countries that have been declared pandemic-free. I wouldn't be surprised if medical checks became "compulsory" for a while, so companies and governments are sure nothing dangerous is flying back and forth. Still, the lack of offers and the novelty of it all is going to make ticket prices to skyrocket. I can't see people able to afford a weekend getaway to London or Paris for a long time.
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  6. The concerts that have been rescheduled until October/November... do you think that they have been told that crowd gatherings will be accepted by then (under the previous be vigilant, wash hands etc rules that we had up until about 2 weeks ago) or is this just wishful thinking on behalf of the companies arranging this?
  7. 2020 is proving to be THE cultural reset. I’m glad more people are realising that just as we hit into the summer things won’t go back to the way they were. I doubt they ever really will. But it’s silly to think that all these restrictions will suddenly be lifted come June time. I need them to hurry up and just announce that they’re cancelling Hyde Park’s BST because it’s the only summer gig I have this year that hasn’t said anything about cancelling because of Covid-19.
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  8. I don't think it's either of those things, to be honest. They have to make a reasonable estimate based on what we know right now, which isn't very much, in addition to availability of venues etc.

    That being said, I don't know what some of the promoters and event organisers are waiting for. The Killers, for example, are due to start their UK stadium dates on 26 May. Clearly that's not going to happen.
  9. Mostly boring stuff like getting insurance sorted (which is a long process at the best of times) and there's probably all sorts of other financial bits to do with crew and production that needs tying up. There's a possibility they might also be trying to reschedule for next year as well before announcing anything.
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  10. It's wishful thinking. I don't see see large crowds (over 50 people) being allowed to convene until next year
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  11. That makes sense. The only 'big' concert I had booked for the summer was Green Day/Fall Out Boy/Weezer, which I'm hoping they can rebook for summer 2021 with the bill intact.
  12. The government properly communicating with the entertainment industry? I don't see that for her.
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  13. The reason why they're not canceling and most shows are trying ti get rescheduled is so they buy time and keep our money. Of course if our money hadn't gone to suits' huge salaries or shares buying they'd have no issue refunding everyone.
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  14. Google have released a Mobility Change report about social distancing. It's quite interesting and has information for every council area in the UK
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  15. My Dorian Electra show at Heaven in London on April 24th still hasn't been cancelled, when the US shows have already and it's pretty clear it cannot happen (is Heaven even open?!). I imagine events companies just want to either a) hold on to everyone's money as long as possible and/or b) organise rescheduled dates first so they don't have to give out as many refunds if necessary.
  16. I’ve seen a couple of times on social media and here some people saying things like “things will never be the same again” etc

    I think that’s a tad extreme. The rest of this year will be chaotic (to say the least) and until a vaccine is available in 2021 - there will still be some limitations then too.

    Economies will take a while to bounce back and socially, people will take their time feeling comfortable again BUT to say “things will never be the same again” is a bit extreme, no?
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  17. To be fair anyone who rescheduled to the end of the year did so weeks ago when no one had a fucking clue what the plan was beyond a couple of weeks nevermind 6 months to a year. There's no hidden agenda behind it.
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  18. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    My coping mechanism when I have to go out is to avoid any shop that involves having to queue to get in if I can, cos it sends my anxiety through the roof. Thankfully Lidl is nice and quiet with a few customers spaced out and being careful.

    Went to the Spar up the road last night and there was a guy in a welder's mask and a hazard suit and it freaked me the hell out and I ran out of there like E.T. I tell you.

    I know I'm weird. But I'm doing what I can to get by.
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  19. Oh great, the queen is making a televised statement to the nation on Sunday. The last thing we need is a leech on taxpayers preaching about social distancing
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  20. Also, we still don't have a clue what the plan is beyond that point. Hard as it is to believe, we're only just over three months out from the first case happening in China. No-one is 100% certain how the virus will behave in the longer term and what effect the current restrictions will have. And we can't be on lockdown for a year, because socially and economically that's a non-starter.

    My expectation is that the lockdown remains in place while we get through the peak and overall case numbers decline, then some (not all) restrictions are lifted to test the water. If there's a resurgence at that point, then we're likely looking at intermittent lockdowns for some time. But there may not be, and I don't see the harm in keeping things on the schedule for now.

    And however likely or unlikely it is that certain events will happen as scheduled/at all, is it so wrong to hold on to certain hopes when everything is so bleak and uncertain?
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