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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Suspend football forever kii
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  2. Oh I've read that in Germany they already have a drive-through testing place.
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  3. I'm legitimately scared. I never thought it would reach losing sleep levels but I feel real anxiety over this. Is every country heading the way of Italy?
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  4. A restriction on people leaving, entering, and traveling throughout Italy is... massive. They're also asking bars and restaurants to close. The economic impact for even just a few weeks of that is hard to imagine.

    A lot of my friends in Toronto are being asked to work from home if they've traveled recently or feel even slightly ill. I know a few agencies that are implementing mandatory work-from-home days over the next few weeks to test efficiency in case they need to close down.
  5. How’s the testing though? Is it accurate?

    I can’t wait for this crap to be over. Corona, you were cute in the beginning, but you’ve overstayed your welcome now. Get going already!!
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  6. [​IMG]

    And I don't want to hear any doom-mongering and panic and wild nightmares of civil unrest and worst-case scenarios fuelled by anxiety and fear. This is necessary if we don't want to end up with hundred of thousands, if not millions, of contagions and the total collapse of our healthcare system. Lockdowns have proved effective in Wuhan and in the Lodigiano and if they survived through it, so can we. IT'S GOING TO BE FINE. Or at least to kind of work. Optimism, health and onwardness.
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  7. Lock em up!
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  8. A woman just coughed without covering her mouth. Someone needs to learn to read the room.
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  9. nn the fact that Italy is like this just because of a few infected tourists (allegedly) is... terribly alarming. I'm starting to lose my rationality.
  10. Oop.

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  11. Don't be. Take it seriously but don't be scared. Most people under 50 only show mild flew symptoms. Just wash your hands as often as you can and avoid physical contact (if possible). Maybe avoid events with many people ...
    I guess then you will be perfectly fine.
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  12. If this has all taught me anything, it's that most people are disgusting garbage beings with no regard for their health/the health of others.
  13. My anxiety right now.

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  14. Who else has realized they impulsively touch their face too much?
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  15. I read this while resting face on my hand ddddd. Bye y'all.
  16. Not to fuel the fire but "mild" symptoms include pneumonia per WHO as of today. Also someone is coughing up a lung down the hall I love my LIFE.
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  17. I have a horrible nervous habit of biting my nails, but now has been a better time than ever to just STOP.
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  18. I thought this was The Onion at first.
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  19. Didn’t 130 people die in like... one day?
    I imagine that “exodus” to the south put the government against the wall and that’s what they came up with.

    It’ll probably happen in Spain as well and... I fear for the consequences this is going to have in the economy as we’ve barely scratched our way out of the 2008 crisis.
    Not only this is going to affect the health system (where I’m getting in wohooo), but it’s gonna bring down a lot more.

    I’ve just told my mom to stay at the countryside and avoid people ññ
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  20. We have an explosion of infections in Ischgl, a well known skiing tourist destination. Yesterday we had 8 infections with 2 already healed, today we suddenly have 25. And when we count that Islandic tourist group who were ill when they arrived home then we even have more.

    There are already travel warnings regarding Ischgl, maybe the whole Tyrol. That feels kind of strange.
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