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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. The masks don’t even work so it’s pointless going out wearing one
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  2. @beautifulmorning when he reads this:
  3. Yeah your mouth may be protected but it can still enter via eyes / open wounds.

    The 'lol it only affects over 60 year olds / weak people!!' take is frankly baffling. It can be your mother, your grandmother etc. And there are young people with weak immune systems or fighting diseases already etc.

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  5. I am abroad in Iceland and I have to say I am hoping it doesnot go berserk in the mean time.
  6. The Atlantic article this page links to (You're Likely to Get the Coronavirus) is super interesting:
  7. I could write an essay on how the WHO has showed its ass in the favourable coverage and leeway it's given China during the Coronavirus, but others have done that better than me:

    The World Health Organization Draws Flak for Coronavirus Response
    The coronavirus crisis is raising questions over China's relationship with the World Health Organization
    World Health Organization under fire over coronavirus
    How China’s Incompetence Endangered the World
    Xi and Tedros are asking too much

    So here's your friendly reminder that the Coronavirus has also placed a microscope that Taiwan, a nation literally in the middle of the worse affected countries, has no seat at the table when it comes to global health because of Chinese political pressure in international organisations. This has serious real world implications that ultimately effect the viability and success of the global effort to fight the virus
    - Taiwan has no place (even Observer Status) to participate in the WHO. As a result, not only can it not help in fighting the outbreak, but it's left out of critical information sharing, instead forced to rely on allies to share information with it
    - Taiwan's data is not only incorrectly listed as that of a Chinese province, but given ridiculous names (such as Taipei and Environs)
    - Taiwan, because the International Civil Aviation Organisation lists it is a part of China, has been barred from flying to/from several countries due to self-imposed travel bans by countries following ICAO standards

    Furthermore, even in critical global health moments, China continues to politicize Taiwan, whether it be to denounce those wanting to take part in the WHO as separatists, refusing to repatriate Taiwanese (then purposefully altering who would be receiving flights to Taiwan), and flying fighter jets around it to rile up a sense of nationalism. It's a reminder that even global health isn't above politicization for the Chinese government
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  8. European stock markets are falling with about 8% or so. Hurray if you want to buy now.
    An e-commerce giant in NL stopped marketing and is raising prices to bet on limited supplies, as anything that comes from China or Asia will have supply chain issues soon.

    My grandfather died two years ago because of complications and a 'worse than regular' flu, hospitals were full and had too many patients in and now I'm worried for my grandmother...
  9. I'm going to a shitty conference with my boss in two weeks, but honestly hoping&praying for mass cancellations of flights, bus rides, conferences etc. This is no thing to joke about.
  10. Miss Corona really didn't see how that name change worked out for Natalia Kills, did she?
  11. Isn't the proper name for the virus SARS-CoV-2, and the disease is CoViD-19? Sort of like with HIV/AIDS.
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  12. The scariest part of the outbreak is how the media is treating it.


    Like, sure, any new virus is going to be scary and we're gonna have to study it and whatnot. But what the reporting is doing is an 'Orson Welles narrates The War of the Worlds and sends the public into a frenzy' chai.

    We know seasonal flu comes every year. We have a vaccine for it.
    And yet, between 290k and 650k people die every year. Every single year.

    Measles? We also have a vaccine for it!
    And yet, it went from an all-time low of 90k deaths in 2016 to 140k in 2018.

    If you have a depressed immune system, sure, be cautious. But just like you should be with any infectious disease (like the common flu!).

    Covid-19 isn't the second coming of the Spanish flu, so wash your hands and stop badmouthing the Chinese* through a face mask while you babysit your unvaccinated children, Janet.

    *I do wonder if the reporting would be any different had China not quarantined entire cities, but they do like the dramatics.
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  13. First case in Greece just confirmed in my city!

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  14. US media seizing on an international story for political gains? I'm SHOCKED

    Like how Fox News said migrant caravans were bringing dozens of 'rapists' and 'diseased' illegals to the border before the midterm elections to scare the Boomers and then dropped it after Election Day
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  15. Great, I'm going there (Athens at least) next week.
  16. But they look cool.
  17. Reminds me of this:

  18. It sounds like it may turn into a new flu virus discovery like the Avian flu. Some sort of new mutation.
  19. Anyone else feeling the urge to reread Stephen King’s The Stand?
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  20. upload_2020-2-26_9-8-15.gif

    so does Truvada really protect people from this virus? Heard they found PrEP users were found to be immune for some reason and they may end up using it to treat others infected.
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