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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Lets assume you feel like vaccines are potentially harmful for your health, then you should not seek out confirmation bias that confirms those fears, but actually try to disprove your own concerns via research. Which I did for myself and vaccines are not the devil the way they are made out to be. I can encourage anyone to actually read the scientic data and studies. It's very interesting. And something only you yourself should do, you shouldn't even listen to me, but i do suggest try to disprove your own fears.
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  2. MB


    How does one report and the medical advisor say there’s nearly 9000 new cases today in the UK Boris says it’s like 1887?
  3. The French government has just announced a massive relaxing of lockdown/social distancing rules that will come into effect from Tuesday.

    Schools will progressively open depending on what color zone you're in (the Paris region is orange and more or less the rest of the country is green).

    Cafes and restaurants will totally open in green regions, and can only serve in outside terrasses in orange regions.

    We will need to wear masks on public transport still.

    Holiday villages, campsites etc will open in green regions from Tuesday and orange regions from June 22nd.

    We will now be allowed to travel all over the country instead of only 100km from our homes, and we can travel to European countries from the 15th. Apparently there is a coordinated effort to open internal European borders from June 15th. The border will remain closed to flights from outside of Europe.

    All parks, public gardens, museums, lakes, and beaches open from the 2nd, and gyms, cinemas, and theatres are back from the 22nd.

    I'm excited but also nervous. It feels strange to suddenly have options of things to do.
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  4. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Very interesting. I wonder if the decision to bring so much back at once is to divert people in different directions, creating an inherent policy of social distancing. Instead of, say, these beaches will be open, but all museums and parks will be closed, so everyone heads straight to the beach.
  5. The effects on mental health are really getting severe now. My sister went to hospital after an overdose for the second time last night. It's becoming impossible to cope for me.
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  6. This is exactly how I feel. I’ve been sticking to every single rule and will continue to do so, but at this point I’m about to fucking lose it because it’s starting to take its toll on my mental health now. One thing that really isn’t helping is that due to the fact that the future is so uncertain and the present is such an exhausting bubble of monotony, old demons from the past are starting to take centre stage again because you can’t make any real plans or find distraction in “living in the moment”, so unfortunately the past is the only thing that feels remotely tangible now.

    Groundhog Day was truly ahead of its time. When life imitates art:

  7. Christ - are you me? I’ve found old unhealthy behaviours returning because there’s... literally nothing else... happening.

    Sending you support. Take each day as it comes and we’ll eventually get out of this... hopefully.
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  8. Likewise! I do hope this is all going to end sooner than we think.
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  9. Please DM me if you ever need a place to vent or just to talk!
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  10. I wouldn’t dream of breaking lockdown rules but I am finding it really hard to keep positive after so many weeks. I just feel like I can’t be bothered doing anything remotely productive and I’m just trying to get through each day. I’m not even someone who generally suffers with my mental health so I can’t even imagine how it must feel for people who do.
  11. If anyone wants my small advice... Which, may or may not work for you, but will share it anyways:
    Create something to look forward to every day or week. It doesn't have to be big, it can be small.
    I wake up every morning just to watch The Price Is Right. You can't be having a bad time and watching the Price Is Right. So... find a show that you really enjoy that brings nothing BUT joy, and set a time you're going to watch it every day.
    I also started watching 90 Day Fiance with my roommate, So we watch that every evening now.
    I won't binge the shows, as it becomes too meaningless, I really set a time aside that I can look forward to watching these things every day.

    Maybe if TV isn't your thing, you can say "Okay every day at Noon i'm going to listen to this playlist of music I really enjoy." and even if you're not feeling great- play it.

    If you have hobbies you can do from home - Schedule a time to do them.

    I also watch weekly online drag shows because going to shows is something I enjoy and being able to at least see my faves digitally has brought me comfort.

    Eventually all the scheduling will kind of fade away and you'll just be in the habit of doing all these things you enjoy.
    Funny enough- this is the same advice they sometimes give couples that aren't happy with their sex life together. Schedule it and look forward to it!
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  12. same. I’ve been staying in my flat alone for the last ten (maybe eleven?) weeks and these past couple weeks I’ve reached peak boredom and like you, I’ve been following the rules and intend to so when I was chatting to a friend who is flagrantly not following the rules, wants to move on from the whole Cummings thing, thinks the statistics and numbers are false and thinks, and regarding lockdown I quote ‘well it’s basically over so it doesn’t really matter anymore’ it makes me feel like an idiot for following the rules (let alone how the UK government make me feel).

    I can already see that this has affected me in how I feel about certain friends and friendship groups and how I feel about being ‘social’ again albeit within the new from Monday regulations. I feel silly for saying this because all things considered I have been blessed/lucky during this to be furloughed, to be healthy, to be safe and not to be on the frontline but I really think that this has left a lasting impact on me and thinking about seeking therapy (something I’ve never done, though probably should have).

    Soz for the ramble.
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  13. You aren't the idiot in this situation.
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  14. I learned recently that unconsciously holding one’s breath is a symptom of anxiety. I catch myself doing it CONSTANTLY. Anxiety affects so much more than non-sufferers understand.
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  15. This captures where my head is right at about now. A friend sent a picture of him and one his friends (not at all socially distanced) inside his studio apartment earlier which he lives alone in, and I don't know what the expectation is on how to reply. I do not want to lecture or try to shame anyone, but inherently feel resentful he'd send that when I've made it clear in previous weeks that I am 'keeping to myself'.
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  16. So Wales have said you can meet friends or family outside whilst social distancing but you can only travel 5 miles.

    Do they not understand how rural the
    majority of Wales is??

    Also, my parents are in Devon and I’m in Cardiff so I had hoped we could meet somewhere half way outside, but guess I’ll have to wait.
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  17. Scotland has the same advice but I’m ignoring it. All of my friends live in the south of Glasgow and I live in the west. It’s a 10-15 mile drive but I’m meeting one of them for a dog walk tomorrow.
  18. Yes I would say it’s difficult to police within Wales and I think people will travel further than 5 miles within the country (probably myself to see the in laws)
    But I guess travelling between England and Wales to see my parents draws attention to us, if they have police on the bridge for example
  19. R92


    I'm wondering if I'll be able to head home for Christmas at this rate. I can't imagine that borders will be closed at that point, but I'm wondering if I'll even feel comfortable getting on a plane for that long of a trip.
  20. I don't know that anyone's time is best served by worrying about Christmas. It's not even June yet and God knows we have enough on our plate in the here and now.
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