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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Dublin Zoo is reopening tomorrow, Colleague put it in our work group chat should we get a few pink gins and go see the animals. I can't with humans.
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    People starting to queue at branches of Ikea at 5:40am when it opens at 9am. Two hour waits to enter the store. 1000+ people in the queues. Car parks closed and traffic jams near the stores.

    Let’s hope that virus really is losing potency.
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  3. I refuse to believe that many people NEED to be at IKEA today.

    People literally seem to just be losing their minds at each and every one thing that starts to return.

    Like, buy a new beside lamp and Swedish meatballs next week sis - jeez!
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  4. The Maine Mall opened today (limited hours of 12-6 to start) -- I hear the line for Panda Express was insane, will I be in it later today in order to take care of my craving? You know it.
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  5. One of my colleagues was like, I’m going to Ikea this week, and when I asked why, they said just because. I bet the Swedish meatballs weren’t even on offer, unless uncooked at that food bit at the end.
    I’ve not stayed up to date with what could reopen today, but the roads and motorway were definitely picking up coming home, compared to even last Friday.
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  6. I cannot fathom wanting to go to the hell that is IKEA "just because."
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  7. We're supposed to go into the next phase of reopening in Chicago in 2 days, but in the mayor's press conference about the rioting & looting, someone from the health department spoke and said the expected "If you are going to go out for any reason, Wear a mask and social distance.", and then said that it's possible with all of the people gathering in large groups that they might have to take steps back in a few weeks if cases start to rise again.

    This is really just everything horrible happening all at the same time and I just hope we come out of all of this for the better.
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  8. Yeah my guess would be lower viral loads are the result of social distancing, face coverings, hand washing, etc. than a mutation.
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  9. SockMonkey

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    That professor guy noted above has been employed by the Daily Express as “Professor Positive” to write a column featuring good news about Covid only.

    He claimed for years to have worked at Imperial College when he hadn’t, until they basically had to threaten to sue him so he’d stop saying it.

    He thinks the NHS is communist.

    Quack quack. (Great drag name though. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the stage...Karol Sikora! Because she’s what? Sickoraning!)
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  10. I'm confused and would love someone to explain this to me. Spain lifted some of their measures and now groups of up to 10 can meet (from what I've seen from a lot of my Spanish friends on social media without masks/social distancing). That's great, but if the potency of the virus has not changed, why then was there not a spike of infections/deaths? Even a small one would surely be expected? I'm really interested in this so if any of y'all have a science background or good knowledge of this then I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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  11. We have someone moving out in 2 weeks, thought we'd found someone to replace her, we invited him round for a socially distant BBQ and drink.

    It was all going great, till he got on the coke... which, doesn't bother me, but 2 hours after meeting us before you've even moved in... yeah, he was doing so well up until that point...

    Back to square one on the search for a new housemate.
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  12. Well keeping 2m apart will reduce risk of spread massively, but remember symptoms don’t show for up to two weeks, so could just be a case of a ticking time bomb...
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  13. In the Netherlands there was a massive demonstration of thousands of people in the big square in Amsterdam for black lives matter (due to the recent events in the US).

    All these white politicians now claiming it was painful to watch because of the magnitude of the amount of people in a relative small place. Sad the news mostly covers this issue now and not what they were actually protesting for.

    I understand the worries of it becoming a covid-hub and one could argue it is some form of reckless. But I also feel like the amount of people in these times is probably a bigger statement than ever.
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    I'm so happy!!

    New cases also seem to be going down. The government wants to ask for one more extension for the state of emergency (so until June 22nd) and is now starting to give back the reigns to the different regions. Now it's up to them to control their own area and whatnot. So expect Madrid to plunge into chaos.

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  15. Meanwhile in the Uk
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  16. I'm nearly 30 and IKEA is now my favorite place to go leave me alone
  17. We’re taking over Småland and I don’t care how many little kids cry about it.
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