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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. I have to go to the dentist for a procedure tomorrow and frankly, I'm more scared than I'd usually be with cases set to spike due to Memorial Day
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  2. @drewsky One thing I've noticed -talking especially in regards to my country- is that during each holiday that passed by during the pandemic -Easter, May 1st being the major ones- every highly ranked politician from our very own president to the Health Minister and other such officials were anticipating these huuuuge damn increases as far as cases go to the point most of us were almost terrified just hearing them repeatedly say that? And during both Easter and May 1st the cases went actually down a lil' bit. So maybe this will be the case on your Memorial Day and you take good care of those teeth as I'm almost certain not treating them might be a bigger danger longterm than this virus.

    I understand everyone's fears reading through this thread but constantly thinking how we're all going to die just... wash those hands as often as possible, keep a safe distance as much and as longer as possible, wear a mask in closed spaces and chances are you and your close ones will live a long, Covid free life. I know I'm in no position to dictate what anyone should nor that's my intention but as long as we do our best and keep doing so... we gon'

    Stay calm yall. I feel like the hardest has passed.
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  3. Do straight people not go to London parks or beaches?.....
  4. Lo lamento.
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  5. I sometimes pop by on a whim for lunch. But I go straight to the food court & straight out. I can’t deal with anything more. I can’t imagine going back before 2021, though, no ma’am.
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  7. There is nothing in this world I want badly enough to stand in a five-hour queue voluntarily. And if there were, I doubt very much it would be on sale in IKEA.
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  8. The government treating these briefings as a fucking tv show. They’re really doing everything they can to avoid scrutiny
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    I mean to be fair the weekend "numbers" are never reliable anyway. Not sure why or how in this day and age when somethings so important reporting doesn't work properly at a weekend.
  10. I asked my boyfriend this (A&E doctor) and it’s not that reporting isn’t working, but a death only counts after a death certificate is issued/collected and that simply doesn’t happen at most hospitals over the weekend. Most will be collected on the Monday, which is why they always add more in the following week.
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    Thanks for the explanation! Hadn’t a clue why but now I do.
  12. Throughout this whole thing I've been really worried about the impact people will have on the environment once lockdown is freed up. I can just see all the damage coming back twofold as people desperately visit areas of beauty to make up for the past few months.

    The pictures from Durdle door this week boiled my blood. I know people on here don't want others to be shamed for being outside but...people really are trash.

    Volunteer Anna Taylor said: "I was picking things up that I really shouldn't have to pick up. I had litter thrown at me, I had bags and bags of rubbish dumped near me to deal with. I've had people shouting at me when I asked them nicely to take their litter with them."

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  13. We're still negatively impacting the environment. A French environmental charity made video clips of loads of gloves and masks at the bottom of the Mediterranean already.
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    My anti body test results have come back as “borderline” which means
    “A borderline result means that the test has picked up a low level of IgG antibodies to coronavirus (COVID-19) in your blood, but not enough to give you a positive result.” so I can retake the test in another couple of weeks if I choose to. Helpful as ever.
  15. New Zealand has recorded 11 consecutive days now with zero new cases of the virus.

    There is only one active case in the country now with the gentleman being cared for, in isolation, until he recovers and isn’t contagious anymore.

    They will look at eliminating social distancing rules next week.

    The way they just shut this virus down and stopped it, from the get go, is really amazing!
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  16. It CAN be done. I feel sorry for anyone delusional enough to think the UK government are simply 'doing their best', when countries like NZ have shown what proactive leadership and early action can achieve.
  17. I wouldn't worry bout John and Karen as they are at the beach with their whole families chatting about how Corona was hoax and how all lives matter. Fuck them they don't deserve our sympathy.
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    The fact the UK numbers aren't getting better and are just plateauing is disheartening and this is before we've moved into this new 'phase'. What an utter shambles.
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  19. Yeah, its a bit weird how thousands are still dying every week, and the general mood is that we're over the worst and can start going back to some sort of normality.

    The truth is, the R number is the same as it was 3 weeks ago when they ditched Stay At Home for ~Stay Alert~, all they wanted was for us to stop talking about Cummings - we've done that now they're just hoping there isn't a second spike - and if there is, they left enough holes in the rules to blame us for not following them properly.
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