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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. One of the medications in PrEP, tenofovir, is an antiviral and is being used in testing to find a cure for coronavirus. The virus has a similar structure and replication pattern to HIV -- without destroying your immune system
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  2. Second case in Sweden confirmed in my city.

    Can a quarantine please wait until Animal Crossing has been released so I have something to occupy myself with.
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  3. Apparently the regular flu hits something like 0.9 of the population. This thing is over 2.0% now. So it’s pretty serious, especially for those with compromised immune symptoms. San Francisco is on state of alert. They’re also seeing if the Olympics will go ahead or not. They have until May to come to a decision.
  4. The Daily Fail reported this morning that "80% of Britons will get coronavirus and 500k will die* in an absolute worse case scenario" like... muffy sis, the doom mongering, the theatre, the drama, the click bait...
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  5. I just found out the mayor of San Francisco is named London Breed. She said gay rights!
  6. She endorsed Bloomberg, she’s cancelled
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  7. Does eating ass make you build up immunity to miss corona?
  8. I assume part of the alarmed response is due to this disease sitting in the same family as SARS which had a much higher death rate and killed heathy people. As people have said, this isn’t an influenza and there is no vaccine. If this disease went completely unchecked potential strains in the future could be a lot deadlier.
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  9. Spoke too soon, FINALLY we have our first case here in Romania and I can feel the sheer terror half this silly country must be feeling as I type this down. The fact that an Italian grandpa that came here while unknowingly ill on a business trip most likely infected a few dozens of now quarantined folks is just a bit of a kii.
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  10. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    HIV is the virus meanwhile AIDS is the syndrome by which opportunistic infections can lead to diseases the immune system could usually overcome due to being compromised/suppressed.
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  11. Exactly what I was going for, thanks! A distinction worth noticing. In my country, they just say someone has AIDS as a shorthand for being infected, which is obviously a sign of a failed education system.
  12. Depends how well they clean before.
  13. Corona is a bossy bottom.
  14. Living in Tokyo and everyone is legit freaking out making lines outside the drug store before they even open to get their hands on masks. While I do think we should be concerned, the media is certainly doing a great job of panic mongering.

    Doesn’t help that the trains here are PACKED
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  15. Drug stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, you name it in Bucharest are now more than half empty and sales have been compared to Christmas time; all of this happened when we didn't have a confirmed case yet.

    Now that we do have a confirmed case I'm not looking forward to going to an empty store tomorrow and coming back home empty handed at all ddd.
  16. Y'all U.S hunties are doomed.

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  17. He's going to throw him under the bus and we all get contaminated.
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  19. Great we're gonna get prescribed one Bible and a Jesus candle for every confirmed case of Coronavirus.
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