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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

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    Just a reminder that Americans are actual people... so maybe be a bit less blithe about them all getting COVID-19 because of their government's ineptitude?
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  2. I think fundamentally I'm angry that schools have assumed the role of social safety net, but I understand that's the case and that that's what, honestly, keeps a lot of kids healthy and alive.

    I saw an idea the other day, maybe a link to a plan or something, that recommended opening schools from the youngest to the oldest. So, focusing on early childhood education (Pre-K and elementary school I guess) and then working from there. Realistically, at least in the U.S., this would probably mean full in-person Pre-K and elementary school, and online middle, high school, and college/university. I think that makes the most sense given how consequential early development is and young kids apparently aren't spreading the virus as much. There are so many unknowns about the virus and how it spreads, though, that I worry about any reopening measure.

    Ideally, we'd just pause everything, but the system is so frail and wellbeing is so precarious we can't.
  3. I wasn't going to comment, but just thinking how the people who have been most adversely affected by COVID-19 in the U.S. are indigenous Americans, Black Americans, and Latines. So... please keep that in mind when you assume all Americans are ignorant Republicans drinking too much soda or whatever.
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  4. I have been doing my class remotely via Teams since March, and I hate it. If you need to take an extra moment to figure something out, you're already behind because the class goes on regardless. Asking a question over an app is not at all the same as being with a teacher in a classroom who can give you personal attention, or draw an explanation on a board or whatever. If I'm struggling then I can only imagine what it's like for kids.
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  5. Over 20% of tests in Florida are now positive Hdjfjjfjdjdnf. Greater than 1 in 5 people.

    And Disney World is opening.
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  6. A friend of mine works at Disney starbucks and the conditions that they have already had to suffer through.... its not safe AT ALL. They pack retail and food workers into busses to get them into the park, and they often have to wait for ages in groups, and they still intend to do that! Im surprised more people haven't quit. A disaster!
  7. Not to mention the Disney college program is essentially slave labor.
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  8. My husband and I are both teachers. I had positive antibody test today but my husband’s came back negative. We are both struggling to understand how this is possible when we were cooped up together for months. Anyone have any explanation?
  9. The super short answer – given without knowing anything about the accuracy of the test you took or the prevalence of the disease in your area – is that maybe you had a false positive. In general, antibody testing is more of a population surveillance tool and not super useful for providing information about an individual's health status.

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  10. Thanks for your reply. I did have high temperature, aches, shivers and incredibly low energy for a few days back in March. Is there anything to suggest that it was most likely a false positive, rather than a false negative?
  11. Can you...stop with this? I've tried to bite my tongue every other time you've posted something along the lines of "lol fuck America!" in the last few months, but it's really not funny anymore (and it wasn't in the first place).

    I realize that the USA is a laughingstock right now and our "leadership" deserves it, but citizens =/= leaders. This crisis has been tearing the country wide open in so many ways that millions of us did not ask for, so the least you could do is be a little less glib and stop acting like Trump and his bloviating is in any way representative of the current mood of the population of the United States.
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  12. So first full day of mask mandate here seems to be working much better. I would say I see about 75% of people wearing them out and about. Stores are doing much better enforcing it too, which we knew would happen once businesses were able to "blame" the government for such a rule instead of strongly encouraging their use. I saw people turned away at the door a few times; made me happy to see it was taken seriously.

    But the state saw another record day of cases, as it has been doing for the last few days. Three more people died yesterday, too.
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  13. Definitely not! There are so many possibilities in which both tests were right too (and many more in which only one was wrong). I think all one can say is that the result of the antibody test alone is not conclusive evidence of having had it. (It may be more conclusive evidence of NOT having had it though.)
  14. I gasped at the end. I'd rather these idiots learn their lesson than die ignorant.
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  15. It's not loading for me for some reason, what happens at the end?
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. SBK


    Is that real, he died on the 4th of July....

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  18. Lambily <3
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