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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. I’ve decided I just want to be angry at everyone.
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  2. Always listen to Kara Brown.
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  3. Honestly yeah, Like if our government wasn't so against the idea of actually helping people, we'd be doing a lot better. Some countries getting regular money stimuli? Loads of other countries already having health care that isn't tied to their job? Like... Masks are not the only problem and if they don't decide to extend the unemployment benefits or give us more stimulus money - next month is going to be rough.
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  4. Obviously it should be extended from every standpoint, but even looking at it through a political lens, I don’t get how it hasn’t happened. No party benefits from it ending early, and if Trump can’t see that then the “political acumen” that the pundits allege he has is also BS. These clowns need to get it done before recess.
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  5. They don't want ideas like Yang's Universal Basic Income idea to become popular and they think giving people regular stimulus money will cause that.
    At this point I feel like they might not want to do it because "Oh, well, things are opening so you can get a job now!". Ivanka, who for some reason is allowed to be a White House advisor, announced this ad council campaign about "Find Something New", promoting looking into new career paths. She was rightfully criticized for over simplifying our employment issues which run a lot deeper than just people needing to look into new careers...
    So, yeah, people should be worried that the senate might not pull through in these next 2 weeks.
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  6. Does anyone know how long you need to wait to be tested if you have come into contact with someone who has the virus?

    One of my friends went home to Spain to visit family and went for a night out with friends and it turns out one of his friends has Corona Virus. He is getting tested in the morning to find out whether he has it or not and he is very worried now.

    I'm just wondering if you have to wait a certain amount of time after being exposed to get tested or whether it would show up straight away.

    I know its a bit of a difference but just as an example I'm sure that if you're exposed to HIV you have to wait a certain amount of weeks before getting tested as it won't show anything.
  7. 14 days I think, that’s the standard quarantine time anyway.
  8. It’s scary seeing local younger people basically saying this is all a hoax.....
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  9. It can take up to 5 days from the point of infection for it to show up on a test.
  10. Yeah, same. I can't imagine being born into a time when everything you learn is countered by a clutch of people who'll invariably think it's faked: Anti-vaxxers, flat-earthers, Trumpers, Brexiteers... Ugh.
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  11. Just been told by our CEO that we won't be asked to return to offices until January. January.
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  12. Numbers are down significantly in Canada, but what I'm hearing from most big companies in Toronto is that the sentiment is that people have been working from home productively all this time, so they'll likely just keep it up until January so we don't risk fucking things up again. That, or some offices will begin bringing half the workforce back in September and let the rest work from home. I've spoken to some friends who work for smaller companies that have decided to get rid of their office spaces altogether because rent is so high and they've discovered that everyone works just fine from home. I have friends leaving the city because they no longer have to go downtown for work.

    It's gonna be a very new normal that we're settling into.
  13. And bring it on I say. I think most people want a real balance between work from home (e.g. 2 days from home, 3 in the office) and companies are inevitably going to re-shape to meet that demand. The new normal will be more remote working and companies who can adapt to that could save significant cost.
  14. This was what I did before all this happened and it was great - I had almost no sick time, and the ability to just get stupid things like laundry loads done is beneficial to your energy levels after work.
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  15. I agree. There could be some real positive changes that come out of this whole thing.

    Many people will be able to strike a more work-life balance.

    I think there will be a lot of appreciation, once the vaccines come and this ends.

    More people will spend time with loved ones, go on local trips and cherish the little things.

    I can see a big tourism boom happening in 2022 though - I think 2021 will be busy but a lot of people will still be anxious.
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  16. I've just had a call with my boss who advised that there's still no return date in sight and my furlough leave will continue for the foreseeable future. Any other UK members still in the same boat? Most people I know have returned to work (whether that's office or home-based) so I'm feeling a little out of the loop. Anyone?

    EDIT: Not that I'm complaining. I realise how lucky and fortunate I am to be in the position of having a job to eventually return to. I realised how insensitive that might have sounded considering what some of you fellow PJers have been through. Thinking of you all. <3
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  17. Until they get it. Idiots.
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  18. SBK


    Ours keeps getting pushed back, even when we do go back apparently it'll be 1/2 days a week alternating departments.
  19. Same for me. When we all began WFH in March the heads were optimistic thinking we’d be back by June and now that we’re nearing August they’re telling us WFH until the end of the year. Some people are saying January is when we might go back but I’ve also heard April. At this point who knows?!
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  20. Even though I suspected it, it was still a shock to hear.
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