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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. In Belgium, the numbers of people infected are rapidly rising again. Last Thursday, there was a conference by our Prime Minister, but afterwards our virologists were not pleased. They rightfully criticised that a continuation of the current rules is not enough in the current climate.

    Thankfully, yesterday the Prime Minister held a new emergency conference in which she basically admitted the politicians should listen to the virologists. This last month, each person in a household could have a rotating social bubble of 15 people each week. But now each household (no matter how big it is) can only have a social bubble of 5 people for the next month. The virologists were pleased.

    It's sad that the rules need to be tightened again. But, although some of the new rules are still a little bit unclear to me (like the rule of going to a restaurant), at least the politicians seem to respect the value and expertise of the virologists. They really need to work together to make it work.

    Not all is perfect how everything is being handled and our Prime Minister is not the most charismatic person, but she's not a populist and I like that she's level-headed and she's surrounded by competent scientists, who are being consulted and are very present in the media. It eases my worries a bit.
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  3. A work colleague of mine returned to their gym today and the air-con system has to stay off so germs aren't circulated, which makes sense, but yikes, people are going to burn up, the floors are going to be slick with sweat...

    Folks'll be shutting down faster than Microsoft laptops trying to run Zoom.
  4. So, I've been checking the numbers for my state daily, and I've been finding it highly suspicious my county--the second largest in the state--has seen most days with zero/three/four cases for the last few weeks. This is while others in the region are counting dozens.

    Finding out this is due to tests being so backed up people are still waiting for results from weeks ago. The governor has apparently decided to send tests to a new facility that is supposed to be able to handle the numbers, but oh my god. This is absurd. I saw a physician a couple days ago for a routine exam, and he was frustrated as hell. He said some of his own patients are dying/have died in hospital and not being reported due to such a failure in reporting.

    Meanwhile, I have been working part-time since June in a health care office myself--with nurses coming to and from immuno-compromised/elderly patients--for pittance compared to what I was able to receive with the pandemic relief funds (which run out this month anyway). I don't really know what's going to happen.
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    I'm having a staycation here in London for this long weekend since I can't go back home to Canada to see my family, and I feel like it's going to be a weekend of small risks for me. I've been focusing entirely on exterior, open-air transportation anywhere since lockdown began, though this weekend it felt like a small enough risk to take a train from Clapham Junction to Waterloo on off-hours. I'm still wearing my mask everywhere and avoiding museums and crowds (and pubs and restaurants and shops and...), but here's to rearranged plans, I guess. I wanted to do something in the UK, but it seems the safest course of action (and the cheapest) to remain local and enjoy where I'm at. Here's hoping the travel situation improves so I can go home for Christmas, even if the thought of even stepping foot on a plane for a short trip, let alone a transatlantic one, gets me all stressed out.
  6. Good on you for taking time for yourself and doing it in a way that is entirely mindful/considerate of others. I’m sure it’s not ideal circumstances, but sounds like you’re making the best of it.
  7. It’s a bit wild that another knock-on effect of the lockdown is that, while we’ve all had to stop and think and re-asses our lives, it’s... turned half the world into conspiracy theorists!

    I mean it makes sense that people are turning this way, when all our leaders and politicians are so utterly, unforgivably corrupt and evil. The handling of the pandemic, in the UK and US particularly, has been so spectacularly bad that it’s made so many people wake up to the fact that our leaders actually, genuinely don’t give a shit if we live or die. So I don’t blame people for questioning what else is being hidden, etc.

    I’ve always been a cynical and skeptical sort anyway, but I definitely felt myself slipping too far down the rabbit hole around May/June and I had to pull myself out because I felt like my brain was going to implode. But I’m seeing it increasingly from other friends and family members...

    Even among our beloved pop stars... Mutya Buena following ‘pedophile ring’ stories to the extent that she publicly stated her belief that Katy Perry is a cannibal, and Madonna just recently posting a story about a “Covid cure” with no thought of exploring its validity, totally abandoning common sense.

    Like I’ve said, I get the mindset, I really do, but ultimately I think it’s people like Trump who will keep on “winning” from it, as I think the paranoia will ultimately lead to voter apathy.
  8. I need advice.

    So I was told my an old work colleague that a job was available at the gym is working at and maybe I should I apply as I wasn't enjoying my current job.

    So I apply, have two interviews, one with the manager who would be in charge of me, and one with the general manager who is in charge of the whole gym.

    Got the job, was made a permanent offer and I accepted.

    I leave my previous job and I was told by the new gym I would be able to sign the contract on my first day of work which I was given a date for.

    Corona Virus comes and Boris announces a lock down.

    The day before I'm meant to start I get a text from the manager explaining I can't come in the next day because the gym has shut down recruitment and I'll have to now wait until lockdown ends.

    So now I feel so stupid because I'd left my last job already and I haven't signed the contract with the new job so now I have no job and I won't be furloughed. So for the last 4 months I've had to sign on to universal credit which has helped but wasn't ideal.

    I've waited 4 months and now the gym has finally reopened, so I emailed the manager and asked about my job to receive the following response:

    Hi ,

    I hope you are well.

    I am sorry to say we are not currently able to hire new people to the business.

    If this changes I will let you know.

    Healthy regards,

    I've took out names from the email, but that's the actual email I got back.

    I'm so upset because I just feel like she doesn't give a fuck basically and the response just feels like another email on her list of things to do. Like I've waited 4 months for you to let me know what's happening and you couldn't have told me earlier? I don't know what to do because I feel like there's nothing I can do, I didn't sign a contract so I have no rights but I can't just accept this and move on. Even if I don't do anything to get the job I still feel like I need to make a point that I'm extremely upset about this, considering I left my job for this gym. At the same time I don't want to anger any of the managers there as there is a glimmer of hope I could get a job there in the near future.

    Just to add as well, when she offered me the job, she added me into a group chat on Whatsapp with all the staff and introduced me, and I knew many of them already as I was currently training at that gym before I applied for the job. After 2 weeks of lock down she deleted my from the group chat without explaining why until I messaged her and her reply was the conversation wasn't relevant to me. I have since been back to the gym to train and she walked past me and looked at me like I was just another customer and didn't even say hello.

    Any advice would be appreciated please.

    Also for anyone wondering the gym is Virgin Active.

  9. Advice is... slap her.
    What a complete moron.

    Very messy situation.
    Can you go back to your old job?
  10. I would love to slap her. Even the staff members I'm friends with in there have said she isn't very nice.

    Yeah the whole situation sucks and to be honest I do believe I've just been unlucky and its a lesson learn't to sign a contract before leaving the previous job, but I'm furious with how the manager has treated me.

    I can't sadly. I got in touch with them to see if they would furlough me because I got told to by Universal Credit as I was eligible for my old company to do that but they refused even though I left on good terms. I've been in touch since and they said that HR won't recruit anyone for the future.
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  11. Unfortunately I feel your only recourse is to absolutely destroy her life. @Robsolete , thoughts?
  12. I've had to go in to the office a few times this week and my commute has become a full on study of human behaviour. I'm a big old people watcher anyway, but I'm just so fascinated by the way people are acting during all this.

    Masks have now been mandatory on buses here for 6 weeks but the amount of people not bothering (and being allowed on - not that it's the driver's job to police them) is astounding. I've also witnessed many people wear a mask to get on the bus and then just take it off once they're sat down. Then you have people who do try to wear a mask, but only wear it over their mouth. Also, in the strangest move this morning a lady came upstairs on the bus and, rather than sit on any of the 40+ empty seats, sat right next to another person.

    It's really worrying, and a huge reflection on the government's handling of it all, that four months down the line people are still completely unaware of how to properly use PPE in their daily lives.
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  13. Got the news today that my office wouldn’t be opening until next year. I didn’t expect to go back this year but it’s nice to have the confirmation.
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    We were getting weekly updates. They've kinda stopped now.

    We haven't been told, but I don't think we'll be back this year. I am in no rush to return but I kinda feel like a need to ha s some face to face meetings every now and again.
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  15. EDIT:

    Woops! Wrong thread, y’all.
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  16. So Greater Manchester is locked down again. I work in the city centre so I really don’t know how this is going to work. Announced at 9pm and it goes into effect at midnight. Morons.
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  17. Why is it always so late? Although as I understand it, it's not a full lockdown, it's just a ban of meeting other households indoors. Does that mean pubs and restaurants stay open?
  18. Literally no idea they haven’t said!
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  19. Why do they keep announcing things in the middle of the night? I hate them so fucking much.
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