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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Cause they want People to carry on as normal but be seen to be doing something, so then the blame is on the people. EVERYTIME.
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  2. I can't see this announcement actually doing anything? People will probably still go see each other in their homes, they just might not post it on their social media as much. I mean I'm already seeing a bunch of tweets saying "so it's safe for me to go to a pub full of strangers but not go to mates"... and as someone who works in a cafe they aren't really wrong in their logic. If they want people to take this seriously then they need to close certain businesses again otherwise people will just think it's not that serious.
  3. That sounds fun, since I don't have a job I need something to keep me occupied
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  4. If only the government had some established means of making these announcements, providing other updates on the pandemic response and useful info/statistics, and responding to queries from the public and the media... like a televised daily (or even weekly) briefing, for instance... pie in the sky idea, I know!
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  5. Absolutely no notice of this reimposing of lockdown and just before Eid too? Fucking TRASH.
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  6. Here's one of the rules from the Greater Manchester lockdown

    How is that, in any way, enforcable if you run a pub or a restaurant? This government are a fucking joke. Get rid of them.
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  7. ^Also, you're supposed to know who lives with each other or not?
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  8. I downloaded the StopCOVID NI app to help with contact tracing, was I stupid to do so?
  9. I can well imagine how that distinction is going to be made.

    This government should be on trial at the fucking Hague.
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  10. Have you thought about making a few fake accounts to leave appalling reviews for them online?

    Petty, but it would make me feel better.
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  11. Johnson has announced that the reopening of casinos, bowling alleys etc will be delayed for 2 more weeks.
  12. The horse already bolting springs to mind. The infection rate has doubled after the UK has returned to pretty much business as usual with everyone celebrating their haircuts and pub nights but but ah yes, we'll keep the bowling alleys closed and that'll sort it. If you think the way this pandemic has been handled by the UK government is bad so far, we've seen nothing yet.
  13. Just stumbled across a woman on a Facebook post espousing that this DEADLY disease is no worse than the common cold. It absolutely floored me. The cluelessness astounded me.
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  14. Sorry to hear this, first of all, I’d definitely leave Virgin Active if I was you. It’s actually embarrassing how they’ve treated you.

    Also, your old company refusing to rehire you so they can Furlough you is just them being spiteful, I think there was a social media movement near the beginning of lockdown where people named and shamed companies refusing to rehire and furlough them.
    Whether you left them or not, if you were on the payroll at the correct date then you’re entitled to furlough, the whole thing was created to help out people who unfortunately lost jobs due to Covid, which you did from Virgin, you had it all in email that you were supposed to start working there for it then to be cancelled due to Covid.

    I would want to leave that gym personally, the manager sounds passive aggressive and even treats you bad even as a member.
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  15. So i just recieved an email saying my furlough is ending from tonight and I will be back to work as of August 1st.

    This doesn't mean my job is safe yet but my god does it feel good to be going back to work. I got a bit emotional when I opened my inbox and saw the email.
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  16. Short notice much?!
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  17. So, my mother is in the hospital now as she tested positive for Covid-19. Last Friday, she went to the hospital as she was feeling worse and worse with every day and she was given an initial diagnostic for pneumonia and did the Covid test as well.

    She received the result on Sunday night that her test came back positive and an ambulance picked her up. She lives 550 KM away from me, I am calling her on a daily basis, sometimes even twice a day and also send text messages as my anxiety has skyrocketed, I am between crying myself to sleep and trying to keep my shit together. She seems to be doing better day by day, she has more energy in her voice and she laughs now, on Sunday she will get another test and based on that, she will either stay longer in the hospital or be sent home in quarantine for another 14 days.

    This hit me like a fucking brick, my stomach dropped the moment I saw the text from her. The cases in Romania constantly passed the 1000 mark every day for the past week at least and tonight a friend of mine got the news that her grandmother also tested positive.

    And yet, I hear people dismissing this as another conspiracy theory, something invented. How? There are thousands of people dying, just how?
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  18. So the Ontario government's plan for sending kids back to school in September is just that kids from grade 4 and up will wear masks??? That's it. That's the plan. No smaller classes, no distancing. Staggered entries and recess is "suggested".

    Glad the government is spreading their cheeks and shitting all over the work that so many of us have put in to get our numbers down here. I can't believe that they came up with nothing.
  19. So happy for you. I have a lot of BA staff in my social circle and I know it’s been really fucking hard for you guys.
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