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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Yeah, like I said:

    My feelings aside I got the message loud and clear this was not the place to share my own personal thoughts on my choice.
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  2. Americanos go back to school IN AUGUST????

    Me, I am... shocked.
  3. I would like to remind some European posters that here in the US we’ve been left to fend for ourselves. There has been 0 federal response by the sham government in charge, guidelines are few and far between and are not being enforced with any severity. A whole political party essentially does not care about the virus. A large percentage of the population does not care about the virus. We’ve sacrificed and done a lockdown, which was completely squandered by the governments lack of response and idiots turning the pandemic into a political issue.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I barely leave the house & do not go to any entertainment places (bars, restaurants etc.) and don’t plan to until the pandemic is over. Having said that, doing what is essentially a staycation (being able to drive directly to your holiday place of residence) with a few other people is literally fine. No matter how much anyone ‘wants’ it to happen, we can’t continue to live in quarantine/lockdown forever. When did flatten the curve/avoid overcrowding in hospitals turn into ‘Don’t allow the virus to spread at all!!!!’. The reality is the virus is going to spread and people are unfortunately going to die. It’s horrible, but that’s a fact. Every step that people are taking, staying in as much as possible, wearing a mask, reducing the number of people you come into contact with is helping. People shouldn’t be expected to completely stop their lives because of the virus.
  4. I don’t think you should be feeling discouraged from sharing things and if I made you feel like that, that’s shit and I apologise. It’s obviously a very interesting topic that people have strong opinions on compounded by the fact Quarantine is driving us all a bit loopy.
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  5. I’m having flashbacks to Mother’s Day with this photo, when the government hadn’t yet sent us any precautions for being open, the company was not quick enough to react, and we opened early for specific key workers, including our own staff.

    That’s a level of busy we would now shut the doors before it was even a quarter as congested, but a) that’s a school in the picture and b) it’s fine...
    Children are immune.
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  6. It depends. Most regular school years start at the end of August/first week of September, but there are many overcrowded schools in the US on year-round systems that start at all points of the year. I’ve had school years start after Fourth of July, at start of August, day after Labor Day, etc.
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  7. Here, here is the problem. Not people taking a staycation with a few friends/family members.

    But Jesus Christ this is scary to see.
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  8. Honestly, I brought it up because I thought it was weird y'all were going ham on @tylerc904 when you had just shared similar behavior of your own. Any one of us could have gone just as hard on you for traveling while apparently showing symptoms, but no one did because 1) we don't know the reality and 2) for the most part we probably trust that you're taking precautions (at least, that was the premise for my original joke-y reply in Random Thoughts). I suppose 3) some people might not have seen it or didn't care either way. Personally, I don't think going to the countryside or whatever is out of line (as long as precautions are taken, etc.), so it's genuinely not a gotcha.

    In any event, in the spirit of moving on, I've found these infographics helpful when trying to "calculate" risk of various activities. Of course, take them with a grain of salt given the disastrous response by the U.S. government, but I trust public health professionals and physicians more than most I suppose (the first graphic comes from Harvard and Boston University professors).

    Edit: Also, this risk assessment tool (that calculates the risk of encountering someone with Covid) is pretty good: And added another infographic below.



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  9. I’m slightly confused with the narrative from certain people that the economy, in movie terms, is this big bad villain.

    Yes, it’s important to save lives. However, for someone running a business (e.g pubs, restaurants, bars) that is their life. How are they meant to pay their mortgage, feed their children simply by being alive?

    Covid is obviously a horrendous virus for some people, but acting like people are somehow killing 7 year olds by meeting some friends is ridiculous. We could analyse micro decisions by everyone that contribute to deaths and suffering that are non Covid related, so let’s not.

    Blanket restrictions can’t and won’t last forever, it’s going to come down to personal responsibility at some point. Just because you aren’t comfortable doing certain things doesn’t mean others feel the same. You can’t, quite rightly, control others.
  10. It wasn’t a similar situation but I hope you understand that now you have the full story :)
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  11. The government should be helping these small businesses so they can stay home and don’t have to put their workers & potential customers at risk. That’s the crux of the issue. The government has done the bare minimum and made no effort to help anyone in these scenarios. Putting that blame on anyone other than the government is idiotic.

    The economy IS the big bad villain. No one should have to put their lives at risk for a paycheck. Capitalism is structured to exploit the most vulnerable for the sake of a dollar and this pandemic has made that more obvious than ever.

    Trying to minimize it all to personal responsibility is a bad take because a lot of people don’t have that option. Yes, you can go to your vacation houses with a few friends and be fine but the restaurant worker who’s about to be homeless because they owe 3 months of back rent and can’t pay it doesn’t have that privilege.
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  12. I completely agree. I run my own (small) business and would adore more help (hence my pub/restaurant/bar reference). But it’s not there. I don’t have a choice - I’ve had to open or I’ll soon have nothing. I can ponder about hypothetical solutions to capitalism or I can start earning again. It’s that simple in my situation.

    I don’t have the luxury of working from home while moaning about my WiFi connection like a lot of people my age.

    I don’t want to put anyone else at risk, I really don’t. I’m bending over backwards to keep everything safe and above board, but I have to put myself first because nobody else is.
  13. Today in Greece we had 112 new infection, the biggest daily amount ever.
    Most spikes are from wedding receptions and baptisms. The banal straights will literally kill us.
  14. I'll give you a clue: it's the people profiting off of housing and food that are to blame, not your average consumer for prioritising public health.
  15. I’m not blaming the “average consumer”, I’m not blaming or judging anyone for anything.

    Sounds like your suggestion is overthrow the government. Why haven’t you done it then yet?
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  16. Whew I sure wish you'd have the same level of disbelief at the idea of millions of needless deaths that you do at the idea of putting a fairer government in place
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  17. I don't know what y'all are talking about half the time in here but whew suddenly being a latchkey child forced to find ways to fill up time with no transportation or ability to go anywhere maybe had its benefits.

    (This all being very tongue in cheek and supportive of those who are struggling mentally with isolation and alienation)

    [Except for those who have like multiple properties or like a pool. If you have a pool*, maybe like, I don't know, go in the pool and calm down]

    *Imagine being someone who has a pool during a lockdown during a global pandemic in a summer from hell....whew, sis, I'd develop gills and become part fish. The luxury. Rich people maybe are sociopaths.
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  18. This may be pedantic on my part, and it may also be about a failure in public health messaging, but "Don't allow the virus to spread at all" is and should be the goal. Looking back at those flatten the curve infographics, something that I think we failed to communicate properly is that the area under said curve (i.e. total number of infections) is only ever supposed to be equal between lockdown and no lockdown if nothing else changes between those two scenarios. With the exception of Sweden, most epidemiologists do not and did not advocate for merely controlling the path of infection through the population on the way to herd immunity.
  19. Well it looks like we're gearing up for a second wave here too welp.
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  20. What? Perhaps I’ve phrased it wrong, but that’s not what I’m saying at all?

    I loathe this situation and everything about it. But I can’t do anything other than try and survive. And I’m barely even doing that.

    Maybe read my post on the previous page about my situation for some context. As it sounds like you’re placing blame on me for reopening my business, instead of the government for leaving me with no choice.
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