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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. I'd like to apologise for dogpiling on @tylerc904 yesterday. I was sensitive and really shouldn't come to this thread after a long day at work ddd. I was being snarky for no reason and it wasn't cool.
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  2. I actually deleted my post because I thought I'd misconstrued yours, but I'm absolutely not placing blame on you for reopening your business instead of the government. It sounded like you had an issue with the other poster directing blame to the government.
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  3. They were interviewing random people on a market today about their masks and...

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  4. The way this just unlocked memories and made sense of why I've been relatively okay social distancing. I've even reverted to Pokemon and microwaveable dinners.
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  5. All natural, organic and waste-free!
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  6. Meanwhile, in rich people news, a luxury resort located just outside of town has been accused of forcing ill employees to work even after coming into direct contact with positive cases. This is the sort of exorbitant place celebrities come to when they want to "get away from it all" and is well known around these parts as generally exploitative of students and summer workers.

    We'll see how valid the accusations are, but let's just say... no one would be surprised.
  7. That's exactly what I did. Literally. I typed with these ten fingers a statement alleviating you of all blame and placing every ounce of it on the government's shoulders.

    You responded with a mocking and belittling tone with some bizarre message about how the government's unstoppable so we should all just give up.

    I'm as confused by this interaction as you are.
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  8. You know those days when you just feel a bit like... at the end of your tether with all this, and being inside, and not going anywhere, and working, and stressing, and worrying, and sick of doing the same old shit every day stuck in the same place with no end in sight and your body is creaky from sitting in the same position all day? Very that.
  9. Timely for everyone?

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  10. I’m the one mocking and belittling?

    “I’ll give you a clue”
    “Typed with my ten fingers”

    Whether I phrased wrongly or you misunderstood, I couldn’t really give a shit. Your tone is pointed and patronising.
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  11. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Well, after being reduced to part-time status during April, my job, while still remote, has received more funding and revenue from virtual visits... so that I've been brought back to full-time status starting tomorrow. After my mom recovering from being in the ICU (finding out she was diabetic in the process), and other stressful stuff...a lot has cleared up and this news has made things so much better. Being in NYC where we've flattened our curve, it's also been nice to see friends here and there as well as my partner, while my mental health has rebounded ridiculously. I'm cautiously optimistic but taking it day by day, since hope is the thing that I'm probably holding onto strongest right now.
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  12. This positivity is helping me today
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  13. That's your tone, yes.

    The first quote I feel is an appropriate tone to respond to your initial post.

    The second quote is my response to your unpleasant post.

    Yes I'm being pointed and patronising. It's called responding in kind.

    I don't know what else you want from this conversation.
  14. It's astounding how normal the world currently feels. It's nice in a way, of course, but at the same time anxiety-inducing because it really feels like a second wave is looming. And even now, people don't see to be taking it seriously?

    A woman literally said to me today that smallpox killed millions of people so this is nothing and we should just go back to normal. What on Earth?

    It's also really frustrating now we're moving to the back end of summer. When we were facing a lockdown extending into summer it was like not ideal but ok. I can handle losing a summer to get this under control. But now we maybe went through all that for nothing and are gonna have a shitty fall and winter too? Not here for that. It's the best time of year, goddamn it.
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  15. Imagine moving the goalposts so hard you start at the flu and shift to smallpox.
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  16. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Brasil is literally hell, there's no hope whatsoever here but hey at least when vaccination is available it'll be for free.
  17. No. You decided to patronise me when I asked how business owners were meant to pay their bills by essentially saying “its the governments fault” and baselessly insinuated I was blaming consumers?

    Perhaps if you hadn’t gone on the defensive I wouldn’t have addressed you with a tone.

    And stop replying if you don’t want further interaction?
  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This might be something best resolved through a PM or two. Thank you x
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  19. I am being defensive to be fair, and I'll apologise for that. I think I'm a bit short-fused today. Being defensive was because of your bizarre reply which I thought sounded unnecessarily aggressive, when I was just expressing an opinion that you apparently agree with completely, anyway.

    I made my original post because you were complaining about "certain people" pushing a narrative that the economy isn't important in the face of hundreds of thousands of deaths*. Obviously you're not talking about the government, that's the opposite of their narrative. Obviously you're not talking about business owners like yourself who don't agree. So logically...

    It felt like you were taking shots at the wrong people when all blame lies with the government, and I responded snarkily, because that's my native language.

    *it isn't
  20. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    My area has seen a huge spike in communal living cases. Not nursing homes, but from religious groups who live in colonies (think Amish but more modern). It’s been terrifying to see the spread not only from colony to colony, but from colony to surrounding town/city. I think the health authorities are getting the situation under control but it really has me spooked.
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