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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. I'm really glad this thread banned memes so we can have tense arguments over I'm not sure what. Good job.
  2. I will never forget the Republican (I believe it was only Republicans, but not 100% sure) politicians who said that we couldn't possibly continue giving $600/week to those on unemployment because it discourages them from going back to work ... with no mention of fixing the fact that you'd have to work >80 hours/week at a minimum wage job to reach $600/week, so no shit people would rather get $600.
  3. My hometown, which currently has the highest infection rate in the UK, comes through with the goods -

  4. Scotland continues to have Zero deaths which is amazing but we just registered 64 new infections in a single day which is the highest figure since mid May.

    Our infection rate seems to be trending up over the past few days. Nothing materially significant he changed so curious what’s causing this.
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  5. Thank you for sharing this.
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  6. al;ksdfn'asnir
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  7. Rob


    We're having the same thing in Ireland, we've had no deaths for almost a week but cases keep trending upwards. Not really sure where that leaves us.
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  8. It means more asymptomatic people get tasted and / or younger and younger (and / or healthier) people get it, which means no deaths.
  9. Hey, what you do on your own time...
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  10. Vasillos having a much better quarantine experience than I’m having I guess.
  11. @Trinu 3.0 liking shady posts but not reporting about the 1,722 new daily cases in Spain - I see you sis!
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  12. Yeah, massive testing is helping in finding lots of asymptomatics. I think that, in Spain, 60% of the new positives are from those because they are contact tracing other positives or directly testing whole neighbourhoods/towns.
  13. jdjdjdjjs I said the numbers were a MESS AND THEY STILL ARE!!!

    Plus, they are not counting two of the big areas, so that’s most probable closer to 2000

    EDIT: in fact, those were just the 1722 tested yesterday, but we basically got 3000 new cases.
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  14. I wonder how much of this is spreading via kissing (or via sexual activity more generally), particularly among younger folks. I'm relatively out of touch, but are people still hooking up?
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  15. The photos of crowded US schools that are opening in Georgia this week are more chilling than any horror movie right now.

    Photos taken moments before disaster teas.
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  16. I'm curious about this too. Definitely know some gay men who are (of course), but also have seen mixed messages on what's high risk versus low risk. Like NYC basically said glory holes are lower risk? So does that mean blowjobs in general are low risk as long as people are wearing masks?

    I haven't had sexual contact (or even cuddling, kissing) since February. I'm definitely trying to be more strategic about this aspect over the next few months.
  17. Considering how many house parties are happening in Ireland right now, I can absolutely guarantee this is happening.

    Also regarding deaths staying low in Ireland (for now) - as far as I'm aware there's no reason to believe we are doing more testing, I think that it's younger/healthier people getting it. I guess time will tell if it stays that way. There's probably also an element of doctors knowing how to deal with it better - my cousin is a doctor and said at the beginning nobody was using steroids to treat the virus, but now all doctors are and it's helping.

    An Italian doctor also has a theory that the virus has got less deadly, which would kind of match up with what we're seeing in some countries. It would be a positive if that was the case, but it's still just a theory.
  18. I am baffled how anyone thinks a sexual encounter could occur without breathing on someone else.
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  19. [​IMG]

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  20. There’s been an outbreak in Aberdeen stemming from a bar. There’s also been a rise in other parts of the country - mainly younger people and also from indoor hospitality.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we see bars closing or going back to outdoor only, for an extended period.

    Aberdeen has just been put back in to lockdown measures to try and gain control of one of the outbreaks.
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