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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. The Sun and Daily Mail aren’t exactly reputable sources though.
  2. Wow, let me just pick up the remnants of my newly shattered belief system...
  3. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Well I came back negative so there's that!
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  4. Here in the States, the idea that "even gunshot wounds and motorcycle accidents are being recorded as COVID deaths!!!" is being repeated a lot to push for specific policy outcomes and support the idea that Covid deaths are being overcounted for political reasons (discredit the idea that Covid is real and dangerous). I think it's important to point out issues with reporting accuracy, but also recognize that doing so requires nuance and clarity of language.
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  5. It's been reported in all newspapers though - and I've given you a link to the scientists blog that they mention, and the government's own website which confirms that they ordered a review of the figures!

    In fact it sounds like there's some news just come in about it...
  6. BBC reporting the UK total death figure has now been downgraded by 5,377 (11%). Puts us more in line with Italy and Spain in terms of deaths per million, and now below India in total.
  7. Thoughts?
  8. That’s just Becky’s normal turnout
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  9. Pros: getting the live music industry on the go again, providing employment and entertainment, likely a decent option for disabled gig-goers, much better personal space.

    Cons: loss of atmosphere, probably only viable for about four months of the year, not a profitable long term option, unlikely to help anyone attending solo who feels self conscious about doing so.
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  10. Woah..

    The receipts.
  11. Fair enough. Though, 10% is not that big to me, particularly if you consider all the cases and deaths that are misreported as something else or omitted due to testing capacity (some are estimating the actual case numbers could be up to 5-10 times higher than the official numbers). 75%, as in your more recent post, is massive, however.
    I'm sorry, this is a poor argument. First, forum tenure has no bearing on veracity. Second, if anything, age (positively correlated with fourm tenure) is positively correlated with spreading misinformation (see Figure 2).

    Regardless, no one claimed they were spreading misinformation. Two of us (I think) found the claims questionable and asked for more evidence. And now that we've seen the evidence we can make our own judgment.
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  12. As someone who actually does death certificates I've never put covid as a cause of death unless it actually was and I doubt other people are either.
  13. If this is a more accurate death toll then the receipts I'd like to see are the ones explaining what killed the other 20,000 people who've died on top of the usual average across this pandemic.
  14. Yes, this number is actually a better barometer of the true numbers apparently.
  15. The PHE death figures aren't based on what's written on the death certificates. Only the ONS ones are.
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  16. Oh, I'm sure the official tally is too low. Not disputing that. All I'm saying is that the recent figures have clearly been difficult to believe when they've been all over the place. You couldn't judge what was going on by a big jump in one day, when there's been so much lag in reporting - as we now know, 75% of the deaths from a week in July have been taken off!

    Worth remembering though not all those excess deaths are directly related to Covid. Hospitals not functioning as normal will have also had a big impact. There's a lot of people worried about how the cancer death numbers are going to go.
  17. I would argue those kinds of excess deaths are directly related to COVID. No, they weren't infected, but the impact on human life is the same in the end and shouldn't be completely removed from the equation.*

    *Just thinking out loud; I totally understand what you mean.
  18. I agree. And the impact will be felt long after the number of actual Covid deaths has come down to nothing.
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  19. If the ONS figures are more reliable that those from PHE (as these are based on death certificates)

    So, the total figures are clearly higher than the official ones, but the recent weekly figures are quite a bit lower than the daily ones reported in the media - which was my point I was trying to make.

    That's not to say we're not in a precarious position...
  20. Apparently many survivors are now claiming that hair loss is another effect of the virus? We really have no idea how this thing affects us yet, do we?
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