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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Concerning. I assume another scam to massage the numbers to help with Trump's re-election bid.
  2. What utter bullshit.
  3. Man, they are really running with this "If we test less people, less people will show to have the virus" thing. They don't care if people have the virus, they just care about the numbers. People who have the virus, have the virus regardless of if they get tested. But Trump doesn't give a fuck if people have it, If he could he'd probably test no one so he could say "No one has it!"
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  5. Everyone’s really showing their ass nowadays nn.

  6. Housemate has come back from Spain and said she refuses to self quarantine because “it doesn’t make sense” to her, so yeah. But thank godddd I move out of this fucking place on Saturday!!!!
  7. New York has made it mandatory for masks to be used in public and our infection rates dropped considerably and stayed low, meaning that they work. I don't get what is the issue, the longer people refuse to wear masks, the longer we'll be in this shithole.
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  8. I went to a ‘Drive-In Comedy Club’ tonight. Acts on a stage, beamed to big screens with sound broadcasted direct to your car via FM radio frequency. It worked surprisingly well. It still felt very intimate and ‘honking’ your horn to show appreciation becoming second nature very quickly.

    I’m glad the comedy industry is trying out new ideas to get events staged again. I just wish the music industry was doing such innovative things to get gigs back on the road again too.
  9. I'm so happy your moving out. Your home environment sound very toxic.
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  10. Thank you, I’m super stoked. The place was fine during lockdown when it was just me and another guy staying here, but since everyone else has come back it’s all fallen apart. On to better things!
  11. With cases rising in Spain and France, genuinely wondering why the UK hasn’t see the same sort of upswing. It certainly isn’t government competence, so is it:
    • Just a matter of time?
    • Because the weather has been worse, and British socialising hinges on the faintest glimmer of sunlight?
    • Something funky in the data or how it’s presented?
    • I shudder to even ask but... more immunity in the community because we fucked it up the first time around?
    Or something else?
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  12. It's possibly the last. We've had nasty hot and sunny weather here and I don't think our reporting has changed apart from most regions not bothering about weekends.

    Yet, since people started coming back from holidays we've seen an increase in testing (not a big one), a significant fall in hospitalisation, a tiny increase in the rate of confirmed cases and a small drop in the rolling seven day average death rate.

    Given the amount of wanker tourists we sent to Greece and Spain, I'm really surprised. I've yet to see any dodgy figures from anywhere. Given that we're now in an election cycle if they pop up, rest assured that someone will find them.
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  13. Politics meddling with data is ruining whatever info I might read on new cases. My island has known of X number of cases since last week and they’re just adding them little by little every other day to not cause alarm. How is that even helpful?

    In other news, my brother is getting tested today or Monday. Can’t even go home. Yay.
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  14. My uni's planning for students doing face to face classes literally fills me with dread. For my (computing) lab sessions, which have to be face to face, they told us that face masks aren't mandatory but are encouraged and they're expecting students to clean their own workspace before and after a session. Oh and they were really vague on what they're going to do if someone tests positive and has been at a lab session so that's encouraging.

    Oh and they've put out a "minimum spec requirements" for student laptops and I'm ready to fight them just for the sake of it because they're saying my laptop (which works perfectly well for my course) is now not good enough nn.
  15. I wouldn't place bets on herd immunity anywhere. I think New York, the global epicenter for a hot minute, has an antibody rate of like 20-30%, which is well below the ~70% supposedly needed for herd immunity. Plus, no one even really knows if herd immunity will work with this.

    My personal theory is that masks work more than we probably realize and Covid has a hard time spreading outdoors.
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  16. Can’t wait to be teaching a full class of kids with no masks in a week!
  17. This is an interesting NYTimes article about herd immunity.

    What if ‘Herd Immunity’ Is Closer Than Scientists Thought?

    I mean, nobody knows for sure yet and that's the kicker, but I'm choosing to remain hopeful (and cautious, obviously). Numbers in Massachusetts are decent still and we've had everything (though not bars and clubs) open since early July. People still have to wear masks in public, which I'm positive helps, but thankfully we haven't had any major spikes like we did in April. I do suppose the real test will be in the fall/winter when we're all cooped up inside, though. Hopefully one of the vaccines is ready for high-risk communities by the end of this year, which should also help.
  18. I guess that links with the T-Cell talk?
  19. At the school where I work, we're being told that we're allowed to wear masks (teachers and kids), but it's not mandatory. Kids will be allowed to ignore the 1.5-metre rule but teachers have to stay 1.5 metres away from the kids at all time, as per government rules. We'll spend the first few weeks teaching the kids how to use their laptops and the digital lesson methods in case the school is forced to close again. We've been told by the head of the school year that we'll all have to teach with the windows and doors open, which is not ideal in an educational setting but it's all we've got as our ventilation systems are pretty much nonexistent.

    I'm not nervous about getting ill at work, but I do worry about the school(s) being forced to close again at one point. I'm starting at a new school and it's very close to being my dream teaching job, and I just want it all to be perfect - and not ruined by lots of red tape.

    Meanwhile, the big Dutch cities will no longer enforce the mandatory face mask rules from next week, which I think is just a tad too early. But Rotterdam and Amsterdam were losing lots of footfall to the rule, so I guess the economy is more important, right? (Not that the rule was being followed by people anyway. I went into Rotterdam yesterday and lots of people just did not give a shit.)
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