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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

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    There is no way they can square this circle. I understand the need to keep the economy ticking over, but reducing the pub opening hours by 7 hours a week is not going to stop the spread. If anything it just forces people to socialise at home, especially as it gets colder and darker over the winter.
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  2. So will all coffee shops (Pret, Costa, Starbucks etc) now become table service? I’m not sure I understand the logic - if you want to buy food as takeaway you have to stand in the line and order it, but you can’t do that and then take it to a table to eat?
  3. And we have daily cases above 2000 already daily, last week was 13500 positives. It's rising so fast. And what about it? Testing is at full capacity. People have to wait even a week before getting a test. It is literally insane. These restrictions will help nothing and without proper testing available, it is all going to waste. We had a good run for the first wave and decided to do nothing with the learnings.

    And now there's a fucking influencer campaign of famous Dutch people to stop the regulations and ask critical questions to the government about the truth - of which only the latter is good of course. But they are all so influenced by conspiracy theories, how insane?
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  4. It is getting insane. Teachers would be speedtested and get a result in a day. Because of the shortages in teaching they did not want to miss out on a teacher who turned out to be tested negative. Now they will know in 5 days. I guess it starts to derail fast now.
  5. I just found out my next door neighbours are anti vaxxer, pro life , Tory, 5g believer. Send Help.
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  6. Fixed that for you.

    (do you mean pro-life?)
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  7. The irony of being simultaneously "pro life" and "anti vaxxer".
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  8. Yes! Sorry.
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  9. The cognitive dissonance is strong.
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  10. Scottish restrictions go further than England, including no visits to other households and a maximum of 2 households in a single hospitality booking.

    I’m moving to my first house myself next week. None of my friends will be able to come see me moved in. Housewarming out the window. I have no idea when I will be able to see my group of friends together again. This is devastating.
  11. I am desperate for the nice weather to continue through October. Being able to see friends outside, distanced, or on opposite sides of a pub bench has done absolute wonders for my mental health.
  12. A stitch in time saves nine? What does that even mean?! That broadcast was so pointless he didn’t outline anything but used 7 minutes to just chat shit. My GOD!!!!!
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  13. “Our greatest weapon is common sense” England is fucked.
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  14. Screams in Boaty McBoatface!!!
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  15. Love yourselves enough not to watch these "statements", I implore you. Life is just too short.
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  16. @Britain clearly you just didn't clap hard enough for the NHS.
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  17. Things in Ireland seem to be spiraling out of control again. Dublin is really bad.

    Whew the overwhelming sense of dread is STRONG today.
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  18. My niece got her test results back today and thank god she's all clear!

    I can't believe "panic buying" is trending on Twitter at the minute. I can't go through that again.
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  19. As Ontario approaches 500 daily new cases again, our premiere hyped a big fall plan to be unveiled today which amounted to... encouraging people to get a flu shot. But we've got 30 kids per class, 70 kids sitting on school busses, 100-person caps on outdoor weddings which are still going on, bars and strip clubs open, dining and stores with ridiculously high caps on visitors... it's gonna get so bad here.
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  20. The "new" rules that have been put in place for six months in the UK don't seem all that harsh or, well, new. I think anyone with two brain cells already knows that wearing a mask is a good idea and sitting in the pub and socialising for hours on end is off the cards even if it was "allowed".

    I love that the Tories feel so betrayed by their own government right now. Every time Boris goes on TV enforcing restrictions it's just one big slap in the face to every anti-masker and I love it.
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