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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. I don't know what it's going to take for Ontario (or anywhere else) to make any real changes. Today they announced that we'll close strip clubs and have bars/clubs stop serving alcohol at 11:00 PM and close by midnight. I... don't see how it will help? It'd have been smart perhaps during frosh week for university students, but if anything it'll just crowd bars from 10:00-midnight and then have kids going back to each others' houses.

    Also, the New York Times has the U.S 2-week rolling average up 17% for new cases and 5% for new deaths - both of these numbers had been trending down for quite a while but are back on the upswing.
  2. Seriously
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  3. Thank god he tested negative! I’m safe for now!
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  4. I'm living an actual nightmare currently.
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  5. Florida, you in Danger girl!
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  6. 700,000 in a population of 21 million? I mean, wow.
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  7. 2014

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    I’m a bitsy annoyed at one of my colleagues coming into work today bragging about a night out last night at a friends birthday or whatever; he’s not only thrown up twice already but he’s coughing pretty constantly, and he’s supposed to be at high risk as well! He’s also of course the most resistant to wearing a mask - it’s annoying that the majority can follow the rules and use their common sense, but it just takes 1 to potentially damage that.
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  8. So my friend is a teacher and there was an emergency meeting at school because one of the students tested positive for COVID. All the students in the class have been told they must stay at home and isolate for 2 weeks...and yet the teachers have been told that they are not allowed to take time off and must continue working at school, despite the fact that they have taught the COVID-positive student. Literally what the fuck.
  9. My beautician told me that her housemate (who works with the NHS and is on the team trying to find a vaccine) was given an exemption letter by the government stating that she is allowed to continue working and be in the labs during a national lockdown. She was given this last week and it’s dated until December. The same exemption letter was given to her two weeks before the March lockdown.

    Also, I got to chatting with the online shopping delivery guy from Sainsbury’s who delivered my shop and he’s a uni student. He told me he studies at Southbank university and there was an outbreak of COVID-19 on their campus so the entire uni is on lockdown and have been told classes are going online for the foreseeable future.

    The way I’m learning more about what’s happening by fellow members of the public instead of this bloody government.
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  10. Don't forget your flu jabs, peeps!

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  11. Hmm I really wish people would stop co-opting the term harm reduction when speaking about covid safety as a way to legitimize/intellectualize their poor adherence to safety guidelines. Choosing to go to a big party but bringing your hand sanitizer is not harm reduction and has nothing to do with harm reduction.
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  12. The school situation is completely fucked.

    Page 19 of this shows that most of the cases are now happening in educational settings - by a large margin:

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  13. SBK


    I was due one through work, but Boots have suspended vaccinations unless you're over 65, will have to see I can get one elsewhere
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  14. We're all just living with awful mental health until Q2 2021, right? It's not just me?
  15. I have a near-daily argument with myself where I get stuck on the idea that it is "just me" and everyone else in the world is thriving. It is entirely resistant to facts of any kind and frankly, it is the most tedious fucking thing.

    …so, yes.
  16. Well my little sister is exposed and in quarantine.
  17. Ddd my daily fixation is how I really just don't feel like myself these days. I've been much more stressed and anxious, sleep quality is in the toilet, and have had physical anxiety. And then I wonder if I just have to wait it out or if that's the learned helplessness speaking.
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  18. As far as the US is concerned the collective trauma that this has caused should be grounds enough for mental healthcare (and healthcare in general) to be taken more seriously in this country, and in a just world it absolutely would be. I've oscillated between aggressive hopelessness and mild optimism multiple times per day in the last six months, and that alone has taken a toll on me
  19. Madrid is chaos. The Ministry of Health has asked their president to lock up the region, but she refuses. She’s basically forcing the government’s hand so that they’ll have to activate the Article 155 of the constitution in order to take control of the territory just so she can blame them when the economy takes another dive.

    The representative of the Covid-19 group of the area quitted today. And their former director of Public Health tweeted

    #GoodLuck indeed.
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