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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Hope you’re doing okay @munro <3
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  2. Wear some stripy pyjamas king @munro and just chill.
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  3. Scream, would I be wearing anything else?
  4. MB


    My gyms done this from reopening along with temperature checking on entry. The staff all wear masks and PPE and they say the mask wearing for members is for the safety of their staff. Along with a member of staff cleaning everything all day it seems and enough antibac wipes to wipe down dumbbells till the cows come home. I genuinely feel perfectly safe in the gym. I guess it depends on the gym and the caliber of members.
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  5. He


    It is known the virus is mostly transmitted through droplets - people working out exhale quite a bit heavier. Cleaning surfaces (which has a very low transmission rate) but people not wearing masks at all times is high risk, there is no way around it - especially with gyms having ventilation that is optimal for the virus to spread.

    People clearly accept the risk and for businesses there is no other choice (as governments are washing their hands clean), but all these "measures" are just to give the impression of safety.
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  6. Wear a facemask at the gym.
  7. If they’re not going to enforce face masks being worn at all times in gyms then I’m cancelling my gym membership and that’s that. I’ve been twice to different chains and did not feel safe or comfortable in any way.

    It’s braindead allowing members to take them off when not exercising - when you’re breathing, huffing and puffing and at the greatest risk of spreading droplets around you don’t have to wear one?! And what precisely are you meant to do with your mask while you’re exercising? Leave it on the floor? And then keep touching your face to put it on and take it off? The exact thing we’re told not to do for hygienic reasons? The worms.
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  8. They won't make people wear masks while exercising because it's a bit dangerous. If the mask gets damp while exercising it's going to be more difficult to breathe, on top of the fact that airflow is already reduced even if you're wearing a dry one which isn't great if you're huffing and puffing. Ultimately it's probably a choice between closing the gyms or letting people exercise without a mask.
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  9. So 726 cases today for NI and 613 in the Republic. There was something on BBC NI website that Boris seems now to be saying that he will give NI the extra financial support for a "circuit breaker" if they need to do it here.
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  10. Let people work out without a mask, inevitably causing disease and death. Or inconvenience people and make them work out elsewhere.

    Tough call!
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    It’s also to do with people’s mental health. Going to the gym isn’t just about improving the body but the mind as well. Along with the gyms being a business as well and employing a lot of people. Like with everything at the moment people could argue to your blue in the face - same with pubs being open and people being allowed to get drunk. Everything is a risk and everyone can make their own choice.
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  12. So is it the gym or the exercise that makes you feel better? Cause those two things don't have to go together.

    People breathe out a lot more air when they're exercising, so for masks to be voluntary in that kind of environment seems... counterproductive?
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    Both. I don’t wish to get into any kind of argument or being made to feel bad because I’m choosing to go to the gym. I feel safe going, there were 2 other people in the entire gym this morning when I was there and it’s generally always that quiet.
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  14. I'm not saying going to the gym is wrong. Just that the mask should be compulsory.
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  15. 13,000 cases today in the UK, rule of six is going well.
  16. I’ve recently been isolating, although it turned out to be a false alarm, but I’m now able to leave the house for the first time since the app came out.

    48 hours in and I’ve run into two positives, whew we’re in for an exhausting winter.
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  17. Bond being delayed looks like the final killing blow for cinemas in the U.K.

    Cineworld plan to close until early 2021, 5000 staff made redundant over 128 locations.

    I have an unlimited card and I used to go frequently, but I’ve not felt comfortable enough going since they re opened. So maybe I’m part of the problem but I can’t change how I feel in regards to higher risk environments. But I worked at a Cineworld throughout Uni and I know many people who still work in that cinema, and I’m devastated for them.
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  18. My first session back at the gym involved witnessing a guy walk around barefoot which I found... alarming, considering hygiene and cleanliness is obviously a priority right now. I don’t think I had ever witnessed anyone barefoot in the gym pre-corona...

    Meanwhile I feel like I’m often the only person obsessively cleaning equipment before and after use, often I see the staff spritz a cloth and give equipment a quick wipe, or not maintaining the 2m social distance, despite signs everywhere reminding people to. Considering they’re a small independent gym too, I find it all alarming. Why am I still a member ddd.

    I can understand the argument of ‘exercise vs. the gym’, all I will say though is it was nigh on impossible throughout lockdown to do any form of exercise in a tiny flat whilst having to battle with a very, very reactive and stressful workplace environment whilst WFH. Being able to go to the gym to do exercise I enjoy on my lunch break has been an enormous help over the last couple of months. Currently it seems like that can still continue and if I need to wear a mask there, I’d happily comply.
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  19. I work for a Starbucks inside a Cineworld and im probably losing my job tomorrow. Found out through Twitter “:)”
  20. I mean... you need to wear a fucking mask. Why wait until someone tells you to do it? I go for a run with a mask on. It's not as comfortable but it can be done. If i can run with a mask on, then you can lift weights with one on.
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