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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

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  2. That's shit :( x

    The slow burn effect this pandemic is and will have on the film industry, though it may not seem like the first thing everyone needs to worry about, will be devastating and is horrible to see as a moviegoer. I'm sad it came to this for Cineworld though not surprised.
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  3. I’m still struggling to understand what it’s like to live somewhere that bars/gyms/theaters have even been open in the last 7 months. It’s bizarre how foreign it sounds to me in this “current reality;” like I’m living in some parallel universe.
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  4. I’m gutted for Cineworld if they do shut up shop for the rest of 2021. However, they (the management really, not the staff on the ground) have been so shady with the whole charging of memberships since we went into lockdown.
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  5. MB


    Not sure there was any need for that tone or language it’s not like @LucRina Rae Spears was saying they wouldn’t wear a mask.
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  6. Over a million people are dead. I don’t think it’s excusable to not wear a mask when you’re choosing to do a high risk activity like exercising in an enclosed space. Maybe it’s not a rule where you are but you could exercise some personal responsibility and do it anyway.

    My point is that I can run just fine with a mask on, which involves a lot heavier breathing than lifting weights.
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  8. My boyfriend found out the same with Carphone Warehouse in March. It’s so so horrible, sending hugs to you.
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  9. MB


    Literally not saying don’t wear a mask what I was saying was there’s no need to tell someone to “wear a fucking mask” everyone’s going through this pandemic no need to start being nasty to one another as well - especially on here where for many it’s one positive thing they have at the moment.
  10. He


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  11. Thanks!

    Sorry, I can totally understand the response of asking people like me to wear a mask at the gym and I really hope I didn't come across arrogant in any way...? I have no problem with wearing a mask, anywhere. Believe me, I'm super cautious about everything to the point it's probably not healthy.

    I'm probably not going to help matters here, however from my understanding wearing one whilst exercising isn't currently recommended by the WHO:
    Sweat can make the mask become wet more quickly which makes it difficult to breathe and promotes the growth of microorganisms. The important preventive measure during exercise is to maintain physical distance of at least one meter from others.

    Obviously take of that what you will. I guess it partly reinforces how the varying 'rules' and poorly communicated guidance is generally making everyone confused as to what the right thing to do is?

    Anyway girlies, I wrote that post after I'd had a couple of drinks last night and finally plucked up some courage to post in this thread after observing it for months, whoops! That'll teach me!

    Also sorry to hear about the Cineworld news, it's awful. And anyone who may have lost a job due to this pandemic. This virus is awful, sending you all hugs.
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  12. I mean, what I said wasn’t nasty, we’re allowed to swear in here. There literally is a need to wear a fucking mask.

    It’s no good if someone would agree to wear a mask if they were “made to” wear one, they should already be wearing one, especially in a gym. That’s what we should be doing if we really wanna care about everyone going through this pandemic.
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  13. I'd try to describe it to you, but I have avoided all those spaces because it isn't safe.
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  14. I haven’t been back to the gym since it opened. My husband has though and he said it wasn’t great. Either no masks at all or under the nose. No social distancing and nobody cleaning machines. I think I’ll stick to using Ring Fit Adventure.

    As for cinemas, I blame the movie studios. Disney putting Mulan on Disney +, studios pulling their movies. Cinemas need something to survive. Studios should be working closely with cinemas to ensure survival and instead they are being left to rot.

    I’ve been to the cinema twice since lockdown eased and Cineworld wasn’t great for social distancing but Odeon were fantastic. I hope they survive.
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  15. Sigh. The Starbucks at my Cineworld really helped me get through all those midnight premieres.

    Hugs to you and @diamondliam
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  16. Does anyone know what's going to be the "new normal" in terms of flu vaccines this year? I normally have mine by now and I imagine they need to sort something out so surgeries aren't packed all day long with high risk people.
  17. I think the general consensus (in Spain, at least) is that the more people get vaccinated, the better. There should be some mass vaccination programme in place though (schools, universities, etc.), but I haven't seen any yet.

    I don't know how that relates to surgeries, but nobody is getting operated on without a covid test. If it's positive, the surgery is postponed.
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  18. oh I meant surgeries as in GP Surgery AKA Doctor's office. Sorry.

    I think I did read in my local paper something about "hubs" being used to vaccinate this year so less people have to risk going to see the doctor. I was just curious since I normally know by now and some other family members near me have had it.
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  19. “I’m allowed to swear therefore that isn’t nasty”. Really?
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  20. I went to my gym for spin class this morning, first time since March. The bikes were all appropriately distanced, everyone cleaned theirs after use (which we have always done anyway) and everyone wore masks when arriving and leaving.

    I guess what I'm saying is: the problem here is likely your gym specifically rather than gyms in general.
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