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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Looks like I'm on enforced work from home before long given the string of 'can you access blah and blah' emails coming through.
  2. Someone with the virus came to my workplace. Twice. They found out because they came to renew and collect their passport, then when they traveled abroad they were identified to have it

  3. --

    It's in Spain's government now.

    Her husband, one of the VPs, is quarantined.
  4. 'Hasn't Usher suffered enough?' etc

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  5. Someone at work today came in with flu like symptoms, coughed and sneezed over my desk, apologised and then got told to go home by our manager.

  6. I mean, sneezing and to a lesser extent a runny nose etc are a relative sign it's *not* anything to worry about.
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  7. We had the first death here in Greece, and... it's like a Sunday outside. So quiet.
  8. Rob


    Ireland's apparently about to announce we're going into a "general shutdown" with schools, colleges and public facilities closing, remote working where possible for all businesses and public transport restrictions.
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  9. I’m on a musical theatre tour right now and basically if one person in the company gets it, we’re all going to. I haven’t heard much about systems put in place or even about what happens to us if the tour gets postponed or cancelled. There’s a big fear for freelancers because we don’t have sick pay either so people feel forced to go to work when ill because there’s no safety net.

    Is it likely that they’ll close the borders in the UK? I’m doing a 2 week stretch here at the moment and I’m worried I won’t be able to go home (I live in Europe) as apparently we’re about 2 weeks behind Italy? It’s hard to ascertain information when there’s a lot of panicking going on in the news.
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    I feel seen.
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  11. In Paris it looks like nobody gives a fuck nn. I mean I saw a few masks on the metro but when I get out of the office in the evening the streets are still full of people going for a drink. Now we start to work one hour later so that we can avoid the peak hours on the metro but I don't see this changing the outcome.
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  12. My manager told us to not put out pens for the customers and only give them one if they ask for one. Then she said if they use a pen tell them to keep it or throw it out. What? I said we don't have enough pens to use it once then throw it out and we also handle all the other stuff that the customers hand us anyway. We do have gloves we can use. There also is a co-worker who didn't feel good but went into work Saturday then she has been out after that.. She said she feels better now but didn't go to the doctors and wants to come back to work. They don't know what to do. There is a policy in place right now that you have to email HR for approval to come back to work. If she didn't go to the doctors though, who can really decide to approve it? What a mess.
  13. Do we really need hourly updates any time someone tests positive for the virus?
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  14. I am not one to kink shame but this is a community I did not know existed. The third one is my personal favourite
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    Could you care about someone other than yourself please?????
  16. [​IMG]
  17. A sneeze is like a miniorgasm for me but I wouldn't call it a fetish.
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  18. Hate to say it but I actually thought they met Usher when I saw the headline.
  19. upload_2020-3-12_8-10-51.gif
  20. The inside of the nose is made up of the same material as the penis and when aroused by a sexual thought swells leading to an orgasmic sneeze... this is what I’ve heard anyway.
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