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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. On your knees for 'prayer time'.
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  2. She's awful nn. She was my district rep.
  3. WELP

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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. My guess is there are a ton of unreported cases in the U.S. because people aren't being (consistently) tested. The death rate is low so they'll continue to go unreported until it's too big to ignore. Then Pence will take the fall.
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  6. I actually live in China - even though there's hardly any cases where I am everything is closed. But there's still food in the shops. You get your temperature taken everywhere. Life is dull.

    At the end of the day, it's basically the flu. You wouldn't stress hugely about getting the flu. I also saw an article suggesting that the high smoking rates in China will have increased the death rate here.
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  7. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I just read an entry in the Guardian about a UK school that closed for a day just because they had three students of “Italian origin.” This is the exact type of xenophobic bullshit that comes from doom mongering.

    I’m not saying that the virus isn’t serious or that it won’t spread more quickly in the future. But I cannot get behind the general public’s mass hysteria until that actually happens. To quote an internet doctor on the matter, I remain “alert, not anxious.”
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  8. I'm traveling to Japan for two weeks in March. I'm not inclined to be panicked, but media frenzy is not helping. Do I have anything to be concerned about or is this all hysteria?

    Frankly, I'll probably still go unless there's a zombie apocalypse. (And it's all paid for, so ...) But I have a feeling the person I'm traveling with will probably want to talk about how wise it is to travel there now, and I want to know how best to answer that when it comes up.
  9. ^I feel you. I've got a trip to Italy booked for the end of May. I know things are bad there now but hoping things are somewhat sorted then. Watching the news doesn't help!
  10. I think this is the most important article you can read: Stories&pgtype=Homepage

    "Though the virus can be deadly, the vast majority of those infected so far have only mild symptoms and make full recoveries."

    Corona viruses aren't new, and they're part of the "common cold"-virus plethora. This particular strain is new and one that humanity has little to no immunity against, which is why it's spreading so quickly.
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  11. Not me having trips booked to Japan and Italy in the next three months...

    Less worried about getting sick than I am about travel and event disruption. Tokyo on lockdown? No thanks.
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  12. I've got my trip next week, it's a cruise of the Eastern Caribbean including Greece. The cruise-liner has already taken full precautions, including not letting anyone from certain countries on-board, employee or passenger. I'm still a bit nervous on top of the normal anxieties of being the first time I've crossed the Atlantic.
  13. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Do you know where in Japan the outbreak is happening? Is it where you’re planning to travel?
  14. The media frenzy and clickbait doom and gloom surrounding this is insane. I just saw that in Norway (where there's one case confirmed so far who's already self-isolating) they've had to publicly ask people to stop calling 911 just to get information about the virus. Sheesh.

    I get it, lots and lots of people might end up getting it but the majority of us will be absolutely fine. If you're under 40 and in good health the fatality rate is 0.2%. I totally understand those worrying for frail and elderly loved ones, or those with compromised immune systems, but surely people at risk should take some responsibility and take the necessary precautions now already anyway? If I was 70 and with heart disease I wouldn't exactly go on holiday to northern Italy right now...
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  15. Of course the first US case is confirmed in California a week before I go there.

  16. There are a few cases in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, where I'll be. The other two places I'm going seem less affected but also only make up three days of my trip.

    I can't imagine a scenario where I don't go, unless there's a travel restriction and I can't, but it is a little nerve-racking.
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  17. My best friend, who I shared a nacho plate with two days ago, now has "flu-like symptoms and chest pains".

    Pray for me.

  18. The young Ms C said "you queers in Northern Ireland think you're getting away with it, huh?"

  19. We Dutchies were doing so good with being surrounded and 0 infected and now we have 1 too. Eeks

    Of course he went to Italy some time ago and got it there.
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  20. dd my thoughts, I have a connecting flight in LA where a flight attendant conveniently picked it up between a Korea/California route

    Let me start bedazzling my useless mask
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