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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. I agree with your post wholeheartedly, but I'm not sure I agree agree with this.Yes, the industry is evil and the US is a completely different beast when it comes to this stuff (National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, etc.).

    But when it comes to this pandemic... the vaccine is basically our only way out? If there was a moment where the industry was going to step up was this one, be it for profit or altruism. And since it's for profit... they need it to work if they don't want this to blow in their faces and make the whole anti-vax movement go See??? We were right!!!
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  2. I'm a Pisces and I guess I'll be the first round of birthdays to be in lockdown for the second time on my birthday...better believe I'm getting myself good presents this time ddd. Last year I was like, "oh just save the money for the rest of the year".

    The rest of the year:
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  3. The issue is i think that you’re understandably approaching the problem more as someone more invested in not letting anyone feel like they have permission to forego vaccination as opposed to trying to understand why people have become averse to vaccinations over several decades, to where even medical and healthcare professionals have worries or doubts even if those doubts are not backed-up by science. Which, just to be clear, I’m not asking you or anyone to have understanding for individual people. I’m not approaching this topic on a personalized level and think an issue that arises is people mistakenly internalizing things as personal so calls to try and dismantle a reactionary view by understanding how it becomes prominent gets misread as people feeling like they’re being told to have understanding for harmful individual people. No, I’m not asking anyone to re-add their anti-vaxx aunt on Facebook.

    But as someone who finds reactionary views regarding vaccines harmful, I want to find a way to dismantle those views’ prominence to reduce their harm and I simply don’t think moral grandstanding and scolding or simply explaining the science will be most effective in doing that if the issue at its core is a fundamental distrust for institutions as a whole. Pointing out that even profiteers need their products to work to profit won’t work on someone who has a fundamental belief that there are no protections for them if they fall in that micro-minority of harmful results. And of course that’s an example of paranoia but I want to convert that paranoia to trust, not just point out the paranoia and scold it. I believe in government-mandated vaccines but I also aren’t shocked if there’s an averse reaction to it.

    Of course this is all in an American context where many people are not privileged to have healthcare as a right so I understand why it may be hard to understand why certain dynamics exist, especially for people in places where there is enough trust in institutions to where explaining the science is good enough and can do the job.
  4. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I think when you set this against the backdrop of years of hearing "FAKE NEWS!" from even the highest of authorities as a way of denying, debunking and misleading the public at large on so many things that used to be accepted as fact and to undermine credibility, I can completely understand people not trusting what they're hearing and thinking they've sussed out a conspiracy when the media is telling them that this is the only way out of this. Everyone's looking for the hidden trapdoor or the unexpected calamity that's going to derail it in one way or another, whether you think the vaccine is deep state 5G injections to make you gay or just aren't comfortable with being vaccinated against a poorly understood novel virus so quickly without being educated. People are scared the vaccines aren't as effective as the initial results are claiming them to be, feeling they've been rushed to production and that we're not sure what the long term consequences could be when all year we've been asked to deeply consider our actions, risk assess them even, and hold back from doing things we all want to do.
  5. I somehow managed to have a birthday this year mainly due to having a night out in February instead of March

    Next year is gonna hit differently
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  6. My birthday is in January so I will be providing shots at the door...

    I celebrated my birthday last summer due wanting to celebrate in summer, when it was right in a timeframe where it was allowed to be outside with 30 people.
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  7. Washington state just rolled out their tracing app. I was a bit wary to turn it on because of data mining, privacy Etc. but I mean I guess this is for the greater good or something.

    I’m aware of my inner conflict - I’m just feeling a bit skeptical and burnt out by our government.
  8. My birthday is in June and I'm optimistic I'll be able to do something. I had people in the garden this year and that was cute.
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  9. Birthdays are exhausting enough as it is.
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  10. I’m currently re-watching The Tudors and I’m at the part where there is an outbreak of sweating sickness and it really hits different now.

    What also annoyed me is how much society has changed, since historical outbreaks. Like, we have literally thousands of the population marching in anti-lockdown protests, saying it’s all 5G, control, new world order etc.

    Literally five hundred years ago, they were taking measures such as social distancing and wearing face coverings to prevent the spread, because it’s always the surefire most effective way.

    I just had a moment of disbelief at how ridiculous some of our current generation of society is when these exact measures, we’re living with right now, have been used to combat pandemics and epidemics for half a century!!

    It’s excruciating and the hardest thing we will (hopefully) ever have to go through but it’s not forever, and we can do this.

    The end is in sight now. We have a tough winter ahead of us still, but we know the light at the end of the tunnel is at least visible now.

    Hope you’re all keeping okay and I know I struggle a lot, especially with anxiety so if anyone wants to chat or rant about anything, my DMs are always open.
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  11. The british have approved the Pfizer vaccine and plan to start using it within a week.

    No news yet as to what flag will be printed on the bottle.
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  12. It feels weird to actually be able to say that there truly is light at the end of the tunnel now.
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  13. Me too! Although my birthday happened to be on the only rainy day in June this year. She was soggy.
  14. That's fantastic news to wake up to! I'm sure there's still quite a while until we're able to return to some sense of what "normality" was before the pandemic hit, but it's quite a relief to feel confident that we will - hopefully sooner than we might have imagined earlier in the year.
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  15. I went and got tested there since my uni is offering asymptomatic testing and the throat swab might be one of the worst things I’ve ever had to do
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  16. I want this vaccine dripping out of every one of my holes. Just pump me full of it, Pfzaddy.
  17. Aww I love how you put this, it’s so true and comforting! I’m sure so many people are feeling this way too.

    Whilst I can’t wait for things to go back to normal again, I have always been somewhat shy and socially anxious around groups. So I know it’ll be amazing for life to continue, but there’s also a part of me that’s grown accustomed to this way of life and could happily sit in solitude and feel more safe. But then, a part of me that’s changed so much during lockdown that I can’t wait to have a go at interacting more and trying to live a fulfilled life!

    But like you said, baby steps! One day at a time etc. I’ll remember that.
  18. The vaccine news is absolutely incredible, and I’m sure is what the world needed to hear right now.

    I’ve just booked MadCool for summer, Cardi is playing, and I can not wait to be drunk bopping to WAP in the Spanish Sun.
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  19. I'm so excited girlies!!

  20. This was the best news to wake up to. Let this truly be the beginning of the end!
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