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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Aaaaaaaaannnnnd
    He's gone!
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  2. RJF


    Anyone who voted for a Conservative government should only be raising their hands and joining their wrists together if they're putting them under a guillotine to be chopped off.
  3. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I live in a safe Tory seat and I cannot tell you the levels of suppressed rage I felt seeing all of my stale, pale neighbours coming out of their houses to clap and bang pots and pans so they could feel like they did something... mere MONTHS after they re-elected our MP.
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  4. Ok a bit off point here, but I would a Tory doing the clap be irony? Like how would you define it? It’s just bugging me.
  5. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member


    (And also a dash of cognitive dissonance.)
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  6. Thank you!
  7. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Tory voters can’t still be feigning ignorance about this in 2021. It’s just embarrassing.
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  8. These are the same people who think social media followers/rally attendance = more support in an election dd
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  9. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    How are y'all's countries doing? Here the president of mine is insisting the government can't afford to buy syringes for the vaccines after he purposefully refused for months to place in orders for the necessary products for the vaccination.

  10. The irony being that literally sitting in their armchairs and staying at home would be a more practical way for people to show solidarity (until 2024, when they can vote for any of the parties that won't decimate the NHS).

    That, or

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  11. NJ opened vaccine registration so now I’m officially on the list and have a pre-existing condition & essential worker status so going *plane emoji* microchip!


    Link for the NJ girlies. I can’t remember who else lives here so I’m sending vibes that y’all will see this.
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  12. Ddd I completely forgot about how almost every pop girl was the victim of this. Memories!
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  13. I’m one, thank you! I didn’t know about this.
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  14. Here in Poland we have another shitstorm. This time because some famous people like actors were already vaccinated.

    I am not visiting any news websites because comments sections are full of conspiracy theories and other crap.
  15. Here we only have one contract signed (Covax Facility) for a first dose for 20% of the population. We're being trolled about the date of arrival (first they were supposed to arrive in the first trimester of 2021; then around Christmas they changed it to second semester; then first semester; and today our Health Minister says they should arrive in the first trimester) but at least we're certain they'll arrive.

    And absolutely nothing else. Meanwhile, our Health Minister shows up every few days in the news to excuse the government for not getting anything else done. My favorite quote is "we'll know there will be persecution, there will be a bonfire to burn us. After futbol, assigning guilt is our country's favorite sport"...

    Edit: You're from Brasil right? I don't know much about how they've handled Covid but I hope the idiot that is Bolsonaro doesn't cause you guys more delays. Is the rest of government (ministries, etc) like him? Although it sucks that LatAm will probably get vaccines late, at least there is still an end in sight.
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  16. Brazil have handled coronavirus horribly. No vaccine is even close to approval.

    But no need to paint Latin America with the same brush, it's a diverse region. Chile, Argentina, Mexico are doing well with vaccines. Costa Rica hopes to wind out its vaccine drive by the end of summer. Colombia has approved the one-dose vaccine from Janssen, which other countries need to get on asap as it would make mass immunisation a lot easier.
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  17. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    All instances of the federal government here are incompetent dddddd Even the ones that disagree with Bolsonaro won't do shit to contradict him so it's like....... Praying that they'll actually get something done at one point.

    So far people are relying on governors and mayors to get the vaccines. São Paulo's governor hopes to get the Brazilian vaccine approved within the month so he can start vaccination there and a few mayors around the country are planning on buying his. A public health agency is currently trying to produce Coronavac here as well, and they are hoping to get it done within the next couple of months. Mostly governors bought vaccines from other countries - China, the US - and are hoping the production is going to be enough for them to get the vaccine in the first half of the year. But yeah it's a fucking mess dddddd
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  18. I follow Covid-19 news globally and more or less all countries are either hitting platinum new cases every day, having record deaths, are entering third wave, politicians or celebrities are getting vaccinated before elderly, vaccines are not ordered in time / or enough to vaccinate everyone... it's a shit show around the world bar New Zealand maybe. And that's before we even get to 'the microchipping' us!!!' and other moronic movements like that.

    Here in Greece, after a huge spike in October following a church celebration event the government came to a deal that no churches would open today.

    Multiple churches today:
    - Yes we opened even though we said we wouldn't, hehe. But there's some sanitiser on the door, okay?
  19. Ireland posted 7,800 cases today. For reference, that's equivalent to the UK having 110,000, or the US having 515,000. Considering we were at ~250 cases a day this time last month, it really is scary how quickly this can all spiral out of control. It feels like a lifetime ago that we'd make it down to single figures.

    I really hope people take heed of this lockdown, because we're completely fucked if they don't.
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  20. We're experiencing a coup :)
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