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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

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    People are mostly following the rules, with an estimated adherence to the rules at about the same level as the first lockdown, but far more people are being forced into work.
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  2. And yet there are still so many people out there who are either completely indifferent or denying it exists.
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  3. Horrific situation in Amazonas where the hospitals are running out of oxygen.

  4. My wee granny got her vaccine today. Finally some good news!
  5. Meanwhile my grandma is refusing to take the vaccine because “the flu jab made her feel sick for months!” and she’s being fed bullshit by my father. The worst thing is my father seemingly understands the seriousness of this pandemic and keeps talking to me about many of his friends being severely ill and/or on a ventilator, yet taking the vaccine is somehow worse to him “because who knows what they’re trying to inject us with!!!”. I’m exhausted, frustrated and angry.
  6. That sucks, sorry to hear that... One thing I remember from an example, is just tell them that anti-vax is actually Russian propaganda to weaken the Western population and make them think about that (no comments on wether it is or not). Or not - I'd suggest not spending time trying to debate with them, as that is usually useless.
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  7. Could you appeal to your Grandma and see if she remembers what it was like before mass vaccination programmes were started? I'm assuming that she is relatively elderly (of course she might not be). People of my Grandparents generation still remember younger siblings (and other family members) dying from diseases that we have pretty much eradicated now....
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  8. Just have her sit on the needle sis.
  9. The British government's response to the pandemic has dismayed me in many ways, and a colossal number of unforgivable mistakes have been made - they won't be, but they should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

    However, whilst I understand the logistics of vaccinations has been quite messy, I am genuinely very impressed by the incredible work from all of those who are helping to administer the vaccines. We're now hitting a rate of nearly 300,000 a day, with the hope of potentially achieving half a million a day at some point next week.

    Seeing the figures rise every day is really quite something, and I have a tremendous amount of respect for all of those who are working tirelessly day and night to help in this huge effort. It's incredibly saddening that we're in this position because of the pressures of being in such a terrible place during this pandemic, but after the inevitably painful few weeks ahead, I'm really hoping we can start to turn a proper corner on this.
  10. I have given up on trying to speak sense to my relatives. They are Polish and I recall, for example, my father claiming that last year's Women's Strike (after the atrocious abortion ban) was all Germany's plan to cause a "civil war" in Poland to weaken state and private companies so that they can buy them all up and "take control of the country again." I don't even want to think what my grandmother's world view is at this stage... But maybe that's why your argument would work ddd.
  11. I thought this said "WereGranny" at first and I was suddenly thrilled about the extra benefits of this vaccine!
  12. Haha, that's a new one! Last I heard that was all Antifa and Soros-sponsored!

    From what I gathered talking to family and acquaintances, they are not taking the vaccine precisely because it's promoted by the same same government that's rolling back rights and protections for women and LGBTQI+ and being generally fascist. There's just no trust there whatsoever.

    Anyway, I just signed up for the official online vaccine referral waiting list, though knowing the intended roll out plan I'm not expecting anything before autumn or even early 2022. Am I staying positive, though?
    Course, I am!
  13. So I’ve just tested positive and feel absolutely fine. Should I expect symptoms to kick in the next few days or...?
  14. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    My sister from Ohio texted me last night that our stepmother was infected at work and now the entire household is having to quarantine in separate rooms. Coming from the people that voted twice for Trump...I genuinely... do not feel anything. Like it sucks that it's at home, but...y'all effectively ignored how serious this thing is and fed into an administration that not only left people to die during a pandemic, but for the last four years. If something happens then I'm not sure if sadness will be the most immediate emotion on my part.
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  15. Our president got his shot today and 61 yo zaddy is FIT.


  16. I've had friends have nothing at all to ones almost dying. You will know soon.
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  17. Seems like the French are slowly changing their minds about vaccination seeing how nobody's dying from it so far - I hate my country sometimes.
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  18. Better later than never, I guess. Baby steps.
  19. MB


    Only one word for those at the bottom of that chart - Idiots. My folks are getting their first shot on Monday which is such a massive relief, they’re still not wanting to do anything until 3 weeks after their second shot but it’s still a weight off for sure.
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