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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. No, no, it's taking into account the people who will be offered it but decline.

    (I wasn't doom-mongering, by the way! It's a headline today. I'm positive we'll go back to a tier system sooner rather than later and we'll be able to do more stuff at a social distance again until enough people have had their shot.)

    Spring gonna spring, don't tell me otherwise.
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  2. This is my stance too. I'm back at my flat now after staying with my parents for nearly a month, so my coping strategy is reminding myself that I did this for four months last year and this shouldn't be as long a stretch.
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  3. LPT


    40 fucking thousand Australians are unable to come home. There are not enough hotels to quarantine us and yet 1200 "elite" sport people and their personnel are allowed in and take up those hotel spots for quarantine is nothing short of an absolute disgrace. The sheer rage I'm experiencing - too much.
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  4. There isn't enough public outrage about it for the government to care too much. A lot of public opinion is 'why didn't they come home earlier when they were told at the start of the pandemic'.
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  5. LPT


    Classic Australian mentality.
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  6. There is a lot of negativity around the Australian Open, it also doesn’t help that these tennis players are complaining about having to quarantine in a hotel. So far there are 5 positive cases linked to it. They should just cancel it.
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  7. The way I've gone from thinking Australia is a cute girl to absolutely side-eyeing everything about it because of @LPT
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  8. Sounds like some pretty rigorous research went into that theory.
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  9. Our acting PM just last week said “all lives matter” when making a false equivalence between the BLM movement and the Capitol riots. Australia is trash too.
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  10. Australia has massive problems with racism. I say this as someone who has an Australian mum and a Portuguese dad, who was born in Australia but who would get asked nearly daily ‘where I’m from’.

    Thankfully I left Australia years ago. Although I love the country and love visiting. Just wouldn’t live there anymore.
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  11. LPT


    I'm from Ramdwick in Sydney a supposedly "well to do " area. My family had a few newsagencies and liquor stores. The locals didn't take to us coloured folk doing well (by working extremely hard) so they poured paint thinner over my dad's car twice and would throw bricks through our shop windows and graffitiing ethnically charged slurs on our businesses continuously. This is between 1992-2006 so not that long ago really.

    My own horrid racist and homophobic experience at a private Catholic Christian Brothers College is something else all together. My locker was lit on fire, I had to stay in the staff room for lunch and recess for a whole term due to a threat of tar and feathers being poured on me, I had to wear my blazer through summer (it used to get up to 38°C+)as they would spit and throw fruit at me. I was the only coloured kid in my grade and it's left a horrible stain on me.

    Apologies for derailing this important thread but on topic - as per the sentiment of "you had two weeks to get back", not everybody wants to come back to live. Some want to come back to visit their loved ones. As it stands it's two weeks quarantine in Australia (for a few grand at your own expense) plus two weeks when I get back to Ireland. So it's not as easy to drop everything and run home. For those that did want to come home and are "stranded", is it fair to expect people to sell homes, end leases, leave jobs all in two weeks plus if you have pets that's another conundrum.

    There needs to be a bit of common sense, compassion and understanding. But I'm not surprised at the abrasive attitude at all.
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  12. As rigorous as a can be when you’re a child. Just focus on what @LPT is saying hun, that was the point.
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  13. Ever since the Hepatitis B vaccine secondary effects scandal, the anti-vax sentiment has grown among new parents in France.

    The more people get vaccinated and don't suffer any serious secondary effect, the less people will be opposed to get it.
  14. I never knew much about the racism in Australia, even when my Mum and Grandad lived there for many years in Wollongong. Sorry if it's off topic but I highly recommend Miriam Margolye's recent documentary about Being Australian on BBC.
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  15. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    My brother's (Australian) girlfriend's visa runs out next month and they've hit a dead end with trying to establish what's going to happen to her when it does - she can't afford to fly home, her work furloughed her at the start of the pandemic and then she became unemployed, nowhere will hire her because of the visa situation and the best answer they got from the Home Office was 'it should be fine' - the same Home Office that's usually champing at the bit to deport people? It's a disgrace. They can't plan for anything, they're just watching the days slip by as they go into the unknown.
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  17. I loved it. We probably need a new thread in off topic about Australia because it's a fascinating country that doesn't know what it is.
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  18. Is anyone else feeling very unmotivated? Like we're a year in to this nightmare, I have a job where my contract gets renewed every 8 weeks so I'm constantly having to work all the hours of the day and job hunt at the same time so I don't inadvertently fall off a financial cliff in a couple months...all I want to do is lie down in the dark and sleep until we're all vaccinated. Hopefully as the days get longer it'll start to get better. I know, some people have real problems etc etc.
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