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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Just don't get your hopes up too much. Some people it returns quickly, others (like me) are still waiting 10 months later.
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  2. 1,820 deaths reported today, yet another new record. At current pace, the overall death count will hit 100k early next week.

    This is heartbreaking.
  3. I don’t see it dropping anytime soon. I don’t know if it’s just because I work in a school, but this feels so far from a lockdown. I’m still waiting in traffic on the way to and from work, and the definition of “critical worker” (parents of children who are allowed into school) has been made so broad - I mean, apparently a fucking builder is essential during a pandemic. I’ve refused a lot of parents entry who are being made to work on-site by their employers, for example, someone who deals with customers when they have an M.O.T... I’ve also spoken to parents who are even sending their children in on days they are working from home (and I’ve promptly dealt with them of course). It might just be the little backwards village I work in, but people just seem to have a very ignorant attitude about the severity of the situation.
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  4. SBK


    The rule are so vague when it comes to working, basically they give everyone enough room to carry on.

    CEX was open yesterday, they had a guy on the door letting one in, one out. Most of the shops on my local highstreet are open, most of them are not essential.

    The numbers are appallingly high, and it feels like everyone's decided oh well we have the vaccine now so lets ride this out until the spring when we can get back to "normal"
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  5. Today I received the news that my grandfather was the first person in his nursing home to receive the vaccine. It's bizarre to have this sense of "things getting better" even though I know it's a long, bumpy road. I don't have the luxury to keep blaming myself for feeling relieved when I can though.
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  6. At some point in the past week or so, Safeway has changed its policy on ingress / egress. Typically they have automatic doors on either side of the store, and since the pandemic started one side was strictly for entry and the other was strictly for exiting. Now it’s back to a free for all. Kind of strange with cases still spiking? They do still have one way aisles though... which no one pays attention to.
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  7. Speaking of vaccines, we have access to book our staff via an online portal run by our local district care trust.

    At 4:30pm yesterday, there were 58 (FIFTY EIGHT) spare appointments just that day.

    Now I do understand the need to prioritise the healthcare industry but why, if they’re getting to lunch time and still have loads of appointments left, are the NHS not reaching out to police, fire crews, schools and supermarkets to get these appointments filled and vaccines not wasted.
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  8. My dad works in a police station near the leisure centre where they are vaccinating people and was offered a vaccine last week as there were 15 left over for that day so I think things like that are happening to *some* extent. By the way, my dad was advised against taking it on that day as he was positive / had symptoms within the last 4 weeks. Wasn’t aware that was a rule??
  9. My husband is a DS and he’s heard nothing. At least it seems some are being offered.

    Yes, the screening form I had to take to my vaccine asked if I had tested positive in the last 28 days.
  10. Whether they are considered "critical workers" or not, you can't really blame parents for making their kids go to school when their employers won't let them work from home. It's not like they can just leave them at home all by themselves all day.

    Like, I don't know the exact details about how it's handled in the UK, but I would suspect it's the same as over here: it's recommended (but not legally required) by the government to work from home and to have the kids stay at home, but if braindead employers (which seems to be the case with most of them, frankly) insist on people being physically present every day, it's not like anyone really has a choice.
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  11. SBK


    This is pretty much the crux of the issue. The government has thrown the responsibility back onto employers because they don't really want to keep paying to support people on furlough. They'd rather businesses struggle through and suffer a few more infections and deaths (primary within the poorer members of society) than open the coffers to help see us all through.

    But if a mates bank is going bust, or some college friend decides to set up a PPE business... there's millions to be spaffed up the wall....
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  12. I believe Nicola Sturgeon mentioned tightening the laws to enforce home working, can't speak to whether Boris has done likewise. I was in Edinburgh city centre yesterday (on a long walk) and it's basically a ghost town, so something is working.
  13. Record deaths today (1820) and a sharp increase in cases (38905). What a disaster. Can't even do lockdowns right.

    Lets thrown Britain in the trash and start again.
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  14. The death toll is horrifying but the number of daily cases is actually levelling off, which indicates that the lockdown is indeed working. I am not sure what you mean by a sharp increase in cases?
  15. The fact that there was a sharp increase of cases?
  16. I’m gonna go with that being some lacklustre journalism. Cases were just lower yesterday, and probably all within a reasonable margin of error given reporting delays and inconsistencies. Cases are definitely levelling off, and will hopefully continue to fall as they’re still too high.

    The deaths are horrifying, and are sadly going to continue to rise for another week or two.
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  17. The overall trend is downwards but it's not a straight line. Day-to-day fluctuations don't present that helpful a picture. Also, the overall UK figures (unlike the Scotland ones) don't seem to give the positive test figures as a proportion of tests carried out.
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  18. Pretty sure people who have had it and recovered are advised not to get the vaccine for like 3 months, they certainly shouldn't be getting it when they are sick
  19. Meanwhile, in LA:

    What fun.
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