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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

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    The CDC currently has Japan at a level 2 advisory. Which means they think travel is fine with necessary precautions. You can probably show your friend that page.
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  3. She's the first greek case that was announced yesterday, help.
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  4. Fuck, Maybe a border isn't such a bad idea after all.

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  5. I had a funeral today and shook approximately 75 hands. How save am I?

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  7. I don’t think you have to cancel anything, but I would be prepared for disruption to your travel plans and to deal with quarantines.
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  8. Hey I actually live in Japan (specifically in Nagoya, which is kind of inbetween Tokyo and Osaka.) As someone living here, the panic was tangible but manageable for the past few months. Cases have been increasing and masks have been sold out regularly, but life still has gone on like normal and there hasn’t been a massive string of deaths or anything.

    Just last night though, the government announced that all public schools will be closed for a month, which has now exacerbated the panic unfortunately.

    That being said, I say still come as people are still working and living their lives, and you have been looking forward to the trip. It’s still very easy to get around Japan and aside from
    public schools no other public places have closed.

    You might want to bring your own hand sanitizer and mask though, as both of those are really hard to find recently.
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  9. Travel in Tokyo is OK for now, but the Prime Minister asked all schools from the start of March until April to shut down. So guess I won’t be getting paid for a month. Someone at my work has also come down with a fever and I’m freaking out a bit dddd

    Just avoid rush hour trains as much as possible.
  10. A couple of friends in the UK have asked if I would come back for a bit, but this is part of the reason that I wouldn't - sitting at home in China seems safer than getting in a plane with 500 people, and then going home to stay with my parents who are in their 70s. I'll (probably) be fine even if I get it, they however....
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  11. You silly ass bitches shake a hand once and think you're Gwyneth Paltrow in Contagion huh
  12. First case in Nigeria and now a dog has it too?

    All the greek cases visited Italy too.

    Italy, sis.
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  13. Good documentary about how this started and what was happening in China in the early stages:

    I love that they've included some of the leaked and banned footage, because people need to see how bad it is over there, though there's way worse out there.
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  14. This seems inevitable at this point.

    What might be good to mentally prepare for is concerts and festivals this summer being canceled.
  15. Oh my god what if they have to cancel Gay Christmas™ AKA Eurovision?
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  16. How long until the YouTube celebrities start posting videos acting like they got the coronavirus?

  17. for the kiiz
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  19. I know we have to be alert but the media frenzy is honestly crazy and at this point annoying. People are simply panicking, buying masks even though doctors repeatedly say they don't help those who are helping, buying everything from the shelves like we are preparing for the end of the world....
  20. Just did groceries for 4 weeks. I already have a regular never ending cold since my imunnedisease, breathing issues, and immunosupressent medication i do feel at danger. Hayfever season is coming up as well. People can act like oh its nothing, but if everyone does cooperate to not spread the virus and watches their hygiene it can help other people.
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