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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

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  2. Will this decision to basically do nothing be the UK governments next Grenfell? I guess we’ll wait and see.
  3. Do we still not understand why the schools are staying open for now? What's not clicking...
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  4. Of course this is my city. Scalpers are trash.

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  5. Why not actually listen to the Chief Scientific Officer on the TV and radio this morning explaining the UK position in detail and covering all the points being made, instead of falsely spreading panic that nothing is being done and we're all just being left to catch it and die?

    If you want to know what action is being taken and why schools aren't being shut in the UK, you could always take the drastic step of listening to the experts here telling you. Or do we all not like experts now because they aren't telling us what we think we want to hear, or because the Government is actually listening to them for once?

    Really worth UK PJrs taking 5 mins to get Vallance's interview up from Radio 4 this morning. Super informative about why they don't think the steps other countries have taken in long run will work, why the new medical advice is to immediately self isolate for 7 days even with just a sore throat (rather than 14 days once other symptoms like fever present) and very reassuring. Should definitely deal with some of the questions people have and calm a few nerves.

    Particularly on the second wave risk that comes from early shut downs which the UK is trying to avoid.
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  6. Disgusting. How do these people sleep at night. Imagine being so predatory.
  7. It's almost like politicians don't realise (read: care) that a lot of students in disadvantaged areas have elderly and vulnerable people they have to take care of. Young people don't live in this tiny bubble that consists only of fellow kids/teenagers that are "less at risk" and "will be fine" if they get ill. I can't say I feel entirely comfortable about the idea of going to work anymore.
  8. I wish the hand sanitiser companies would find a way of getting more bottles out into the market. That alone would make a huge difference for people. They would feel slightly more in control of their situation.
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  9. So I was tested on Monday having returned from a work trip to Italy last week and developed a cough on Friday.
    Luckily I had Friday booked off so was self isolated already until they came to swab me Monday morning.

    I finally got my result yesterday which was positive. Public Health England have been really great about keeping me informed and checking in on me regularly over the phone.

    I actually haven’t felt too unwell except the cough but it has been very unsettling mainly because everything I have read online. Trying to avoid social media for the time being as it makes me anxious.

    keep safe everyone x
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  10. aux


    Get well soon fellow Robyn fan! Keep us updated on how you're dealing with it and your recovery.
  11. In that there will be no real repercussions for them and the Lib Dems will ensure that not only do they get a majority, but win back the seat(s) where their incompetence directly affected most people?

    Probably. It's Tory Britain.
  12. Through work yesterday I found out one of the UK's biggest manufacturers of hand sanitiser has been working around the clock running split shifts and weekends producing the stuff due to demand.
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  13. My place of work is closing all European offices next week, which is fine, remote working is entirely possible - though in a regular week I go a bit mad after two consecutive days.

    Weirdly, bf's company are trying to get employees to take it as holiday, especially those with children as they pretty much don't trust people to work if they've got dependants at home!
  14. What the fuck
  15. I’m here in Madrid, and there is lots of uncertainty and paranoia. There are rumors of the whole province being quarantined like Italy, but I’m just getting so anxious thinking about being trapped in my house since my family lives in the US and I’m here by myself. Most of my flatmates have went back to their villages and the Americans back to the US. I’ve been in a really bad mental state lately, and I just can’t imagine being stuck at home, so I was thinking of just taking a train to a beach town and renting a room there for a few weeks just to get out of Madrid. Yes I know this is irresponsible, but I’m really not thinking clearly at the moment.
  16. I’ve just been informed that my Italian friend at work has lost his grandad to this in Italy. He has no family here and he can’t be with them, I feel heartbroken for him.
  17. I know that when the virus is getting worse we don't care about the origin, but be aware that now it seems that the peak is over in China, the Chinese government are waging a misinformation campaign about how the virus didn't actually start in China, so be aware girls.

    'American coronavirus': China pushes propaganda casting doubt on virus origin
    Beijing's coronavirus propaganda blitz goes global
    China’s media steps up virus propaganda drive

    I know I always harp on about Taiwan, but The Guardian did a nice piece on how Taiwan is the world leader in fighting the pandemic despite many odds stacked against it

    How Taiwan is containing coronavirus – despite diplomatic isolation by China
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