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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. I've been staying away from the news a bitsy - are they planning to vaccinate (or have been) teachers in England?
  2. I'm remaining optimistic but cautious too.
  3. I think this is all very ambitious, I’m cautiously optimistic but I worry their data not dates plan was thrown out of the window with all of these milestone dates.

    But I’d rather be wrong and happy than correct and locked up in my house come Summer so I’ll remain positive.
  4. No. Teachers will only get vaccinated when it’s time to vaccinate their age group
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  5. My literal 25th birthday being June 22nd and there being a possibility I can celebrate by being messy in a rights!
  6. Hmm it feels like that doesn’t make sense to me but happy to be corrected
  7. SBK


    The vaccine gods must have heard me wondering why everyone around me was getting their jab. I just got my invite.
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  8. *moves to the UK*
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  9. God knows what’ll happen, of course, but I’m genuinely optimistic and excited for our English sistren to have some kind of chance at optimism right now. It’s just very heartening to see movement for you all!!
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  10. RJF


    I... cannot believe it might be over soon???????
  11. All social distancing rules eliminated on or by June 21st.

    That is A LOT sooner than I think any of us could’ve ever anticipated.
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  12. Cautiously optimistic about it all. I truly hope we don't get any crazy mutant strains that will require everyone to be completely re-vaccinated before the autumn.

    I do hope the vaccinations pick up speed again too, yesterday just over 150k in the UK had a jab which is the lowest level since the daily updates started in early January.
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  13. June 21st is so soon holy shit?
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  14. That’s the earliest they can be relaxed at. It doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen then, there’s a lot of factors to account for.
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  15. Rhona or Vaccyna?
  16. Lady Rohna. But I'm doing OK so far, just headaches and shortness of breath when I do anything other than lying down. Already went to see a doctor and I'm on medication for symptoms / on watch if the respiratory issues get worse.

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  17. Yeah, I hope yesterday’s vaccination figures were just a blip. I feel like numbers are always lower from Sundays across the board but let’s see tomorrow.
  18. MB


    I read it’s down to the supply of the Pfizer vaccine as the factory is being upgraded so the supply chain will be slower for a couple of weeks.
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