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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. I'm so happy for you guys :)

  2. I mean the plan sounds realistic to me. They’ve done millions of vaccinations already.

    Roll on 21 June cause imma be blackout on the pavement yes god
  3. The absolute plot twist of the UK government actually doing rather quite well at rolling out the vaccine.

    I did NOT see that coming.
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  4. Bubbly's very much in the fridge!
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  5. The entire UK right now.

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  6. As a teacher working with special needs children, I have had mine. However, it's not been rolled out to all teachers yet, which truly just baffles me beyond belief. Hopefully, really soon, they'll be one of the next set of workers to get theres.
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  7. Me in the early hours of June 22nd

  8. I really can't imagine it all going back to normal June 21st.

    I HOPE my gut feeling is wrong!
  9. I was slowly giving up on life but I have to say this potential slither of hope is most pleasing to hear
  10. Tempted to book off the week of the 21st and go out every night.
  11. **cries in Irish** ill be booking a one flight to London for all of June the mess the Irish government is doing with the vaccine rollout
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  12. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but surely "no earlier than June 21st" doesn't mean that clubs will open that day, just that we can expect them to open after that date?
  13. MB


    After months/practically a year closed I'm pretty sure they'll all open as soon as they can - even if it's a Monday night.
  14. It’s the absolute earliest dates for when all of these things can happen, no? I don’t wanna ruin the optimistic mood in here either but I really hope the case rates drop like a stone over the next few two weeks, or I feel we’ll be in a mess not long after the schools open again. The majority of the population haven’t had a jab yet and the virus can still rip through them all very easily. Also, I fear that people are gonna think the danger is over and already now start to ditch the rules at an even larger scale.
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  15. Definitely the absolute earliest dates and I wouldn't be shocked if things do slide back a little.

    It's worth remembering that they even admitted in the press conference last night that they expect case rates to increase when things are loosened.

    Maintaining a low case rate or lowering the case rate isn't one of their four tests for each successive stage of reopening, and realistically, it's not an achievable objective without staying in total lockdown for many more months.

    The thinking is most probably that by the time things are substantially loosened, the vast majority of the most vulnerable people will have been partly or even fully vaccinated, or at least offered the opportunity to have their jab.

    A higher number of cases but with far fewer people battling a serious illness or hospital treatment is to be expected, given the protection the vaccines provide.

    Obviously, some people will still end up very ill or needing to go into hospital and undoubtedly more people will die, as referenced in the press conference yesterday.
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  16. Wow. Just wow. The UK redemption arc is unreal. Rest of Europe just laying in the gutter...
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  17. Here in Greece they are telling us Easter will be back to normal but nobody buying that.
  18. Serbia and the UK coming out as most vaccinated European countries... 2021 bingo is WILD.
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  19. The way our media is flooded with we had to Karen & regulate the supply of the vaccines production facilities like it's EU's business, other countries did that and now we miss out! and now shifting blame to the vaccine supply like our Dutch government did not fuck up about a A LOT something else. I see you, twisting this mess into propaganda as of course - our elections are coming up and honestly I'm so done with the capitalist VVD party. They way those people always fucking ignore tax or ethics regulations like they don't count for them or are a big reason in our fucked up what not in the Netherlands.

    In other news, we are doing some 'practise / test' events; a concert, a dance event, a pop festival and a dance festival in some places where everyone will have had a test before and doing some rapid testing during entry... We'll see about that!
    Shops might be doing to open to personal shopping; so you can book to do shopping inside while you are alone with staff or something.
    And haircuts and shit.
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  20. Yeah, yesterday I forgot that June 21 will just be just another date that comes and goes for me without that sweet, sweet vaccine in my bloodstream.
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