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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Nicola Sturgeon is due to make some announcements today, she also said 'Data not Dates'. Which was Boris Johnson's policy until he pulled out the calendar and a big red pen yesterday so who knows what she's going to say later.
  2. I think more than everything opening up again and all of us being able to live our lives again, I just really want to be told I can book my vaccine slot. I don’t think I’ll personally be able to relax without getting the vaccine even if things “go back to normal” before I get it.
  3. SBK


    As positive as the roadmap is, I can already see people relaxing fooling themselves that its set in stone.

    The first warm weekend in March/April, the parks, beaches will be rammed, almost guaranteed.
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  4. Same here. I don’t think I’ll personally do much very differently than I’m doing now, until three weeks after I’ve had that first jab. I know far too many young and otherwise healthy people who are struggling with long Covid even almost a year after first being infected.
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  5. Most of that timeline seems reasonable considering the rate of vaccination but I'm really struggling to believe that clubs are going to reopen with absolutely no restrictions mid-June.
  6. R92


    Just got my first jab!
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  7. Not me getting a letter telling me I’m now classed as Extremely Vulnerable a) after a year and b) when I already have/had it.
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  8. It does seem like a reasonable roadmap and I’m crossing everything that it plays out that way. It’s the first REAL hope we have of getting back to our lives.

    I still see people complaining about the thought of annual vaccines - I mean, seriously?

    If getting a shot, once a year, allows us to live a normal life then it’s a TINY price to pay!
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  9. Yeah, but it's not "clubs will be allowed to reopen on June 21st" - it's "the date that clubs can reopen will be after June 21st".
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  10. Beer gardens found seething.
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    Yeah, this is whats annoying me with everyone planning their piss up for the 21st, what they're saying is thats the earliest possible date it could happen. Not that it will happen on that date.
  12. I think the issue is the use of wording by certain MPs.

    A lot of MPs, even today, have been on TV using terminology such as “nightclubs open by June 21st”

    I don’t think it’s being made very clear that it’s the hopeful earliest date, if that’s the case.
  13. Scotland is staying in lockdown until the end of April and then we’re moving back to the tier system.
  14. What she’s given today is basically a holding document until the election. It allows no hope, no optimism, no dates.

    I’m crushed. England got firm dates and, while they may be optimistic, it allowed a moment of hope. We’ve been here for a year now - just give us something Nicola.
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  15. Got my first vaccine today and can confirm that 5G does hit different
  16. Moving back to the level system is utterly pointless as well because it hardly worked. Cases still rose in the central belt and the only way they managed to get it under control was by putting them under lockdown.
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  17. It’s “if the four tests the government have laid out are satisfied, June 21st is the day the remaining social limits will be lifted” So in a best case scenario, this is the actual day that clubs will reopen.
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  18. There is no point giving specific dates for things, there could be too many things that happen between now and then (new variant, supply of vaccine drops) which could knock the dates out completely. I understand optimism but why give people false hope when she cannot guarantee it actually happening? She is damned if she does and damned if she doesn't because even if she did give dates and then they didn't happen people would be angry at her for giving those dates to begin with.
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  19. Gosh, I’ve never seen her getting so torn to shreds on social media.

    I hope she doesn’t look at her Twitter or Facebook comments today.
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  20. The bigger cities will always be treated more harshly under the levels system because the Government compare them to other less densely populated councils. Level 3 is essentially Lockdown with limited hospitality openings.

    It will be extremely damaging to my mental health to see areas in England fully reopen when places in Scotland with lower infection rates remain largely closed.
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