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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

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  2. Pretty sure I have COVID. I have had some weird headaches since Saturday and today I got an email saying a coworker tested positive, but hasn't worked within the last week. I'm going to get tested in a couple hours but I can't imagine I don't have it just because I feel so crappy.
    Really unfortunate considering I literally don't go out anywhere except to go to work.
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  3. This morning, I (NYC) had a vaccine appointment selected and held for me for TONIGHT, and then accidentally unchecked a box in the appointment UI, which deleted the box and my appointment when it reloaded. And then of course, there were none left.

    I.... am so mad/sad/UGH.
  4. I've been waiting for a vaccination appointment for like a month nn. A federal vaccination center just opened within walking distance so I might just go over there and do it myself.

  5. This got announced today and it knocked the wind out of me - it seems healthy people in my age group won't be able to get vaccinated until late 2021 (currently the prediction for the general population is August - December). I'm seriously losing the ability to be positive at this point, and things have never felt so completely hopeless or dark. Seeing the rest of the world, especially the US, get their shit together with vaccines and have some kind of light at the end of the tunnel while we have an entire year of this ahead of us just feels so demoralizing, especially given just how hard we've worked to keep our numbers under control the past year. We're still in and out of lockdown here as our government has no idea what they're doing, and even the summer doesn't seem like the shining beacon of hope it once was. I'm seriously sad and just want life to start getting back to normal.
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  6. While Irelands in charge today said by end of June 80 percent of population will have received their first vaccine. I hate it here.
  7. Well my test was Negative. So I guess i'm just sick with... something else? Not sure whether i'm relieved or more anxious now.
  8. A deadline which no doubt they will miss yet again.

    The public are furious at the government here and rightfully so.
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  9. My guilt-tripping paid off and BF had his first dose this morning. Relieved.
  10. I lived in Ireland for a while and while I get why people are so mad, surely it's mainly a supply constraint issue? Although if the reports on the continent are factually accurate and people don't want to take the AZ...can't they redirect it to Dublin?!

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  11. You'd think we might try and secure those vaccines, but Dublin are incapable of showing any initiative and I think this is the problem.

    Tbh the vaccine mess is just one bullet point on a long list of reasons why people are not happy. The government have made a serious amount of blunders in the past week - particularly in regards to communication - and they have really prodded a public that were already at breaking point.

    I think something is about to blow because I've never seen people wanting the government's heads this much. They're even starting to realise this themselves...

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  12. To be fair, AZ is hardly delivering anything right now, so it's not like there's thousands of vaccines lying around just waiting to be used. So yes, while there are certain groups all over Europe that are very vocal about wanting one of the "good" vaccines (Biontech/Pfizer or Moderna) as opposed to the AZ one, it's not like those that would be fine with the latter are getting it either.

    Over here, the plan originally was to have everyone who's 80 or above vaccinated by the end of February. So far, however, they're only through with those living in care homes. My grandma who's 81 and lives by herself hasn't even received a date yet, and she's rightfully furious.
  13. ADM


    It's easy to say 'I don't have any confidence in the government, they don't know what they're doing' when yeah, the world doesn't know what to do with this situation, but it's the lack of so many things. The complete incompetence in general, they passing comments about 9 weeks more of lockdown on a throwaway radio interview, the 'we're in this together' when we're so very not. Leo V sniggering in sarcasm about hairdressers not opening, to buy yourself a good clippers, while people are losing livelihoods. It's ridiculous, they just don't get it.

    It's so obvious that most of these men in suits are so out of touch with the general Irish public..
  14. Over a million in Germany alone apparently.
  15. You'd think Angela Merkel, a woman of science first and foremost, would be able to steer the country in the right direction - or do people just not listen to her? She clung on by her fingernails at the last election.
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  16. MB


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  17. My Mum and I are booked in for our first dose on 16th March. It was meant to be 9th February but couldn’t get there because of the snow.

    Happy to have it booked again.
  18. Amazing, nice to see the second doses slowly increase too. I'm booked in for my second vaccine next week, March 8th. I had my first vaccine on the 31st December, surprised at how fast the time has gone.
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  19. [​IMG]

    Wait, there's an anal option for the test?!?!?!?
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